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Terms of Use

I'm interested in using Guild Wars art on a website, in a project, or on a Guild Wars or ArenaNet fansite. What is your policy regarding copyrights and trademarks? May I use ArenaNet and/or Guild Wars content, such as images, text, sounds, or video?

Yes, you may use our content—that is images, text, video and audio files—within the following parameters:
  • The content must be used in a non-commercial context for private, personal use only
  • You must include all copyright and other notices associated with the content
  • You acknowledge and agree that no title nor any other form of ownership to the content has been or will be transferred to you from ArenaNet nor from anyone else
  • You agree that you will not alter, disassemble, decompile, reverse-engineer or in any other way modify the content
  • You agree that ArenaNet has the right to require removal of our content at any time, for any reason

You may not use our content on sites that contain or link to sites containing:

  • Hacks or cheats
  • Pornography
  • Inflammatory Content
  • Unlawful content
  • Objectionable content, as determined by ArenaNet

May I use your art or images for items, such as clothing, toys, or other game-related goods?

Our art assets—be they concept art, in-game screenshots, verbal content, or renders—are all copyrighted materials. Their use is strictly prohibited unless approved in advance and in writing by ArenaNet. Specific questions concerning the appropriate use of our content should be directed to

Are there any legal notices and disclaimers that I need to have on my site when talking about your products?

Yes. You must include all copyright, trademark and other notices as appropriate. The following are the appropriate trademark designations:

© 2011 ArenaNet, Inc. All rights reserved. NCsoft, the interlocking NC logo, ArenaNet,, Guild Wars, Guild Wars Factions, Factions, Guild Wars Nightfall, Nightfall, Guild Wars: Eye of the North, Eye of the North, Guild Wars 2, and all associated logos and designs are trademarks or registered trademarks of NCsoft Corporation. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Is there a preferred way to create my site's logo or masthead?

In order to avoid confusion between guild or alliance sites, fansites, and official ArenaNet sites, we request that you include some manner of designation within your masthead that indicates the site's status as a guild site, alliance site, or fansite. The site may be labeled as a "news site," "fansite," "guild site," "alliance site," "unofficial site," "community site," or using another designation that has been approved by our Community Team. In addition, the Internet browser title bar should reflect the proper site designation in order to prevent confusion between official and unofficial sites.

Are there restrictions on what I name my site or what domain I purchase for my site?

ArenaNet would prefer that unofficial sites do not closely mimic the names of our proprietary domains. Sites with names that closely mirror our own site names can cause confusion for our customers and may cause some to assume that the domain is officially sanctioned or professionally associated with ArenaNet. You're welcome to discuss potential domain names with the Guild Wars Community Team (

Can I put ArenaNet or Guild Wars downloads on my web site?

Yes, you may do so within the guidelines outlined above. We allow the non-commercial mirroring of our downloadable content, such as images, videos, demos, etc., provided that the content is not altered in any way. This permission may be rescinded at any time at the discretion of ArenaNet.

Can I translate your site into another language if there is no official site in that language?

It's essential that we maintain control over content integrity and accuracy, and for that reason we have localized our websites in many languages. In the interests of quality control, unofficial translations of our websites are not permitted. Suggestions about our websites may be shared on the Website Suggestions section of the Guild Wars Wiki.

Can I make add-ons or expansions for ArenaNet games?


Can I sell a CD or any other distribution media containing content from ArenaNet?


Can I resell, give away, or trade my Guild Wars account? Can I sell items on my account for real-world money or trade them for items in another game?

No. For further information, please see the Guild Wars User Agreement.

Can I write a story, book, poem, musical composition, etc., based on your game?

We appreciate the creative processes and the passion of our fans, but it's essential that we maintain commercial control over our product. Therefore, commercial productions are all sourced from ArenaNet and/or NCsoft.

However, as long as such usage follows the parameters listed above, we do permit the use of our game world and our characters in literary or musical pieces intended for personal use only, such as those posted on or released through a non-profit website. We do not permit the unauthorized use of our game world, our characters, or any other elements of our game in any form that involves profit or commercial benefit, such as novels, short stories, articles, unauthorized contest or competition entries, screenplays, action figures, theatrical productions, or other adaptations of our game.

I have an idea for a commercial venture (play, movie, action figure, etc) involving the Guild Wars world. Shall I send it to you?

Unfortunately, ArenaNet cannot accept unsolicited ideas or submissions. As a result, we will not be able to review or consider submissions of this kind. We will not view e-mailed submissions and must return mailed submissions unopened.

Can I create and/or distribute hack and cheats for your games?

No. ArenaNet is 100% against hacks and cheats. Their use, attempted use, or distribution will result in the closure of any individual game accounts that are associated with the hacks or cheats.

Where can I send suggestions for in-game content?

We are grateful for the enthusiasm of our fans, and appreciate the efforts and creativity that they use to develop concepts intended to assist with or expand upon our current and future titles. Suggestions about Guild Wars are welcome on the Guild Wars Wiki in the Guild Wars Game Suggestions section. However, we cannot accept or review any unsolicited ideas or suggestions that are sent to us outside of the Guild Wars Wiki, so please direct your suggestions and ideas to the Game Suggestions section.

I am a member of the Guild Wars Test Krewe. Can I post or otherwise share images or information related to testing Guild Wars?

All in-game images and information are the property of ArenaNet, and during the testing process, all test-related images or information will be released exclusively by ArenaNet or its parent company, NCsoft. Any Test Krewe member who releases test-related Guild Wars content information or images without our express permission will be considered in breach of his or her Non-Disclosure Agreement, and will be subject to removal from the Test Krewe and possible legal action.

Updated 8 June, 2011