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Guild Wars Factions Championship Series

How many players will represent a guild in the playoffs or finals?

Each guild is allowed to designate 10 guild members to compete in the seasonal playoffs. For the GWFC Finals, each guild will send 8 players.

Can someone else play on my account and "help" get my guild into the top 16?

No they cannot. As stated in the Guild Wars User Agreement section 3. License to Use — "You may not (a) sublicense, rent, lease, loan or otherwise transfer the Software or the Service (or any part thereof)..."

Each Guild Wars account can only be used by the purchaser of that account. Any attempt to misrepresent the owner or user of an account will be considered fraud. In that case, the game account will be closed and the guild to which the player belongs could be disqualified from tournament play.

I own multiple Guild Wars accounts. Can I play on more than one of my accounts or in more than one guild during the season?

While you can play on more than one account during the tournament ladder season, each player will be allowed to be listed on only one tournament roster for a single guild in a seasonal playoff. Guilds also must take care to observe the limitations on membership changes between seasons.

If you belong to more than one qualifying guild (on separate accounts) you will need to choose which guild's tournament roster you want to be a part of. Your additional accounts cannot be used by any other players (see above) or listed on any other tournament rosters.

Remember that you must be listed on at least one tournament roster for a specific guild in order to be eligible to play on that qualifying guild's Guild Wars Factions Championship tournament roster.

Do I need to turn in a tournament roster for my guild before or during the 4-week GWFC season?

No. A guild will only need to turn in a 10-player tournament roster if they qualify for the seasonal playoffs (top 16 guilds).

Do all members of my guild have to have been members during an entire GWFC season for my guild to compete?

No. Players can come and go in your guild throughout a GWFC season. However, if your guild makes the seasonal playoff (top 16 guilds at the end of the season), the guild members you list on your tournament roster must have been members of the guild during the entire 4 week season.

So players that leave and rejoin my guild or new guild members can play during the season?

Yes they can. They just can't be part of your tournament roster if your guild is playing in the seasonal playoffs for this season.

What if I start a new guild during a season? Can we participate in the seasonal playoffs?

No, you can't. New guilds can certainly play in rated GvG games, but they must have existed during an entire 4 week season in order to be a potential participant in the seasonal playoffs.

What if we don't have 10 guild members who were in my guild during the entire 4 week season?

You must have at least 8 members who were in your guild during the entire 4-week season as a minimum. We allow each guild to register up to 10 players in their tournament rosters before the seasonal playoffs to allow for substitutes or for gradual membership change.

If a guild that made the seasonal playoffs only had 8 or 9 eligible players (members of the guild during the entire season) we will still allow them to compete.

What if my guild was ineligible for one season for whatever reason, should we still compete? Do we have a chance?

Of course you should compete. In addition to trying to earn a slot in the GWFC itself, there are prizes given out to the guilds competing in the seasonal playoffs each season. Also, it is good practice for the GWFC Open event.

What are the prizes given out to the guilds playing in seasonal playoffs?

The top 16 guilds that compete in seasonal playoffs will win the in-game cape trim upgrades. Other additional prizes may be offered as permitted. For instance, at the end of the first season the topmost guild in the seasonal playoffs will be invited to attend E3 in Los Angeles and play Guild Wars on stage at the show!

So the top 5 guilds that earned the most GWFC points during the 3 seasons earn invitations to the Guild Wars Factions Championship. What happens if more than 2 of them come from the same region?

Guild Wars is an international online game. As such, it is our purpose to have representation of the best guilds from around the world. Up to a maximum of 2 guilds from any region can earn an invitation to the GWFC through earning GWFC points.

In the event that more than 2 eligible guilds from one region are in the top 5 guilds that have earned GWFC points, the top 2 guilds from that region will earn an invitation. Any additional invitations would be issued to the guild closest in GWFC points to the top 2 regional guilds, as long as the alternative guild belongs to a region that does not already have 2 guilds attending.

So if my guild is the third best guild in our region, we don't have a chance to earn an invitation to the GWFC?

That is not true. First keep in mind that there are 3 seasons of the GWFC series and the amount of points earned grows each season. It is important to participate in each season and to play the best that you can to try to earn a GWFC invitation.

Secondly, there is the GWFC Open event, which will allow the winning guild (regardless of region) to earn the 6th and final invitation to the Guild Wars Factions Championship.

What do I do if we want to change regions for our guild?

In order to change regions, your guild will need to disband and then be recreated in the region you want to be listed in. Doing this during a season will make your guild non-eligible for the seasonal playoffs for that season. For this reason, if you need to do this, we recommend making any regional changes between seasons.

Can my guild change regions in order to avoid the "2 guilds maximum per region" rule for the GWFC?

No you cannot. We will only allow guilds to change regions at the end of Season 1 and before the start of season 2 and have it count. If a guild makes a region change at this point in order to get into their desired region, then any GWFC points that they may have earned at the end of season 1 will transfer with them and that guild will count as being part of the new region.

If a guild changes regions at the end of season 2, then they will still count as being part of their initial region for the calculation of which 2 guilds make the top 5 from that region.

What if my guild has an ArenaNet or NCsoft employee in it?

Your guild can still take part in rated GvG games during the 4-week tournament ladder seasons, but cannot take part in any seasonal playoffs or championship events. The lists of ineligible guilds can be found here.

Guild Wars Factions Open Event

What is the purpose of this event? Why not just give out invitations to the top 6 guilds with GWFC points?

New players and new guilds join into GvG play all the time. A new guild that comes into being after the 2nd season will not have a very good chance to earn enough GWFC points to earn an invitation.

Also, in the event that a region has 3 guilds in the top 5 guilds with the most GWFC points in it, that third guild—normally ineligible due to the 2-guild limitation per region—also deserves a chance to earn an invitation to the Guild Wars Factions Championship.

This event exists to allow any guild that has not already earned an invitation one last chance to earn a spot at the next championship event.

How is the GWFC Open going to work? Should my guild just practice for this event instead of playing in the GWFC season taking place right now?

The specific details of the GWFC Open event will be announced in the future. Keep in mind that this will be an event with many thousands of guilds competing for just a single invitation to the Guild Wars Factions Championship. If your guild is interested in fame and fortune at the Guild Wars Factions Championship, they should be competing for every chance they get.

Guild Wars Factions Championship Finals

What are the prizes offered for the Guild Wars Factions World Championship?

In addition to providing air travel and accommodations for the participating guilds, ArenaNet and NCsoft will be awarding $100,000 (US) in cash prizes.

What is the age limit for participation in the Guild Wars Factions Championship?

Players must be age 16 or older. Those who are under 18 will be required to have the written permission of a parent or legal guardian in order to travel to the GWFC.

Where is the Guild Wars Factions Championship taking place?

The location of the GWFC will be announced soon.

When do the finals take place?

The GWFC will be taking place in August 2006. The exact date will be announced soon.

Who will be attending the GWFC?

The 5 eligible guilds with the highest number of earned GWFC points (with a maximum of 2 per region) and the eligible winning guild of the GWFC Open event will be attending. In addition, event staff, members of the Guild Wars Team, representatives of NCsoft, and media will also be in attendance.

Am I responsible for my own expenses?

ArenaNet and NCsoft will be providing accommodations and will be paying for airfare for each contestant. The contestants will be responsible for other expenses such as some meals, souvenirs, and other incidentals.

What are my responsibilities as a contestant in the GWFC?

You will need to meet the time schedule requirements and obey the rules of gameplay and acceptable behavior. Information provided on

How can guilds get organized to be sure they are qualified for the GWFC?

Every guild member should read the Guild Wars Factions Championship Rules, and the Universal Guild Wars Tournament Rules, as well. For the GWFC, it is important that every guild member be prepared to travel, so there are preliminary steps that the members should be taking in advance of each seasonal playoff. In the event that the finals take place in a foreign location, we encourage players to consider obtaining a passport well in advance of the regional playoffs.

This all sounds great! Will there be other such events in the future?

You bet! ArenaNet will be offering many exciting opportunities for you and your guild to compete in for Guild Wars in 2006 and into the future. Watch the Guild Wars website for future announcements.

Is there an email address where I can send questions about events or tournaments?

Send all questions to