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Guild Wars Community Fansite Program FAQ

I'm interested in making a fansite, but I don't own some of the software I'll need. Do you know a place that has free utilities?

Most of the sites with freebies are either hoping you'll want to purchase their retail product or are advertiser-supported, so might have a few ads or pop-ups. But these are great resources while you figure out what sort of program you are comfortable using, and where your interests lie in the website world. Do you want to do it all? Do you want to work with a few buddies, maybe one specializing in graphics, another in content, and another in the technical end of a site? It's possible to make a great site with a team, or on your own.

A few multi-purpose sites that offer a variety of items — from graphics to HTML editors to CSS Tutorials to Computer Tips — can be found at:

Sites offering a trial version of a full website design studio or a variety of website design tools include:

For trial versions of HTML Editors, try this address:

Free Trial Version of Graphics Programs:

I need a place that offers free hosting. Any ideas?

An index page of a large number of free hosting offers can be found at:

Other places we know of who offer free hosting include:

Most of the free sites have pop-up ads, which I'd like to avoid. Do you know of low-cost hosts?

Wed recommend researching this matter thoroughly. There are many excellent Internet hosting providers who offer low-cost packages that can be increased in size and services over time. Some fansites are self-financed, others accept donations, and others still look into advertiser support for funding.

If I find an advertiser, does ArenaNet get involved in the financial deal in any way?

No, we sure don't. Any arrangement you make with an advertiser or advertisers is your business (as long as they are not adult sites or others barred by our Fansite Program Rules). If you want to do a hobby site and dont need advertiser support at all, thats just fine. If you want to make just a bit through advertiser support perhaps enough to purchase better tools for building your site, thats your business, too. And if you can make a fantastic profit off your fansite, and start flying private jets to all the posh resorts, were delighted to hear it. (Can we come, too? :)

Can I get hosting directly from ArenaNet?

At this point, we cannot offer fansite hosting on our servers. We will be offering guild support as a fully-integrated feature of the game, but independent fansites intended to reach the broader public need to investigate their own hosting and server space. With so many free and low-cost sources for hosting, we believe its possible for fansites to operate for little or no money, and of course you are free to investigate advertiser support of all kinds.

Is there a way I can get exclusive material that is released to my fansite only?

We have set up the Guild Wars Community Fansite Program and qualifying fansites will be granted exclusive materials from time to time. Of course, most of our releases will be prioritized towards gaming media outlets such as gamer magazines and major game sites as well as non-gaming press outlets such as newspapers, magazines and television.

What font do you use for the Guild Wars logo?

It is a custom designed font, and cannot be provided as a useable font for fansites.

Can I use the art from your official site on my fansite?

We have a Fansite Kit for your use, but the use of anything outside of items offered in the kit requires approval by ArenaNet. For instance, our navigation bar, borders, customized game images, or section headings are intended for use exclusively on the official Guild Wars site. If you have questions, please contact us.

How long does content given to fansites remain unpublished on the Guild Wars site?

We intend to have most of our image and content releases available on our site eventually. For images or content given to a fansite, we will maintain the exclusive nature of the release for at least one week from date of posting or publication. In some cases, the exclusive content will remain exclusive until the next release, so that qualifying fansites may always have at least one exclusive image.

What is the ArenaNet policy regarding the watermarking of Guild Wars images?

We believe that watermarking is appropriate in limited circumstances. For example, a fansite may wish to designate exclusive content by placing a watermark on it. But we ask that fansites not watermark resources pulled from other sites, or from or our Fansite Kit. If you have questions on this policy, please write us.

How can I use the information that has been released by ArenaNet through various media outlets?

Once our information is shared with a media outlet, it becomes public information that may be commented upon, written about, and disseminated through other means such as fansites. The source of the materials should always be attributed (i.e., Source: (name of website or magazine, issue date, website link, etc.) or commentary such as This information was obtained from the interview presented (this date) on (name of source). Copying an entire piece verbatim is frowned upon, but taking clips of content, or analyzing, interpreting, and presenting the new information using fresh verbiage is generally accepted as appropriate and responsible journalism.

Can I translate parts of the ArenaNet or Guild Wars site into my native language?

Our Terms of Use limitations on translations specifically refers to the translation of an entire site. Individual site components, such as our Guild Wars FAQ, may be translated, as long as attribution and a link to the official content is provided. For instance, you may post something like this at the top of the translated page: "This material is a translation of the original English-language version of the Official Guild Wars FAQ. You may find the original document on this link." With that attribution and link, you may then provide a translation of the document.

Will ArenaNet support my fansite with Guild Wars prizes and giveaways?

We may be able to offer limited support for such enterprises to the top Guild Wars fansites. Please contact the Community Relations Manager with a proposal, giving details of the planned competition and the desired prizes. We will discuss the matter to determine if we will be able to provide support.

How do I become a member of your Fansite Program?

Please review the Guild Wars Community Fansite Program information pages. When the site is ready to be reviewed for consideration as a member of the program, the site's webmaster should contact the Community Relations Manager, who will send the webmaster a copy of the program application form. Upon our receipt of the completed form, the site will be reviewed for acceptance into the GWCFP.

I note there are several kinds of fansites. How do we start and when is my site able to change status?

For acceptance into the program, follow the instructions above. Most sites will begin as a simple Listed site, meaning that with certain standards met, they are added to the Fansite Roster on the Official Site After a period of 30 days of active updating and content building, the site may apply for Official Guild Wars Fansite status. They will be reviewed as time allows and maybe be moved up in status if the site merits the higher ranking. Sites that meet the additional criteria may apply for a review for consideration at the higher level. They may be moved to Elite Level upon the submittal of fansite visitor statistics for a period of 90 days and upon review and approval by the Community Relations Manager. There is no time limit on applying to become an Elite site; the site may apply for a level review at any time though no more often than once every sixty days.

Can you describe how fansites change levels?

Eligibility and level placements are reviewed periodically, and changes may occur based upon news update frequency, depth of content and several other factors listed in the requirements. A site webmaster may request reclassification, or ArenaNet Community Relations staff may make changes in classification as necessary. In the event a site does not meet the program requirements at either level, it will be dropped from the program. A site may apply for readmission upon again meeting the program criteria.

If a website changes hands, does it keep its designation as an Official or Elite site?

If a website undergoes a significant change in staffing, any previously-earned designation will be removed and the site will be encouraged to apply for review under the normal processes. This helps to maintain the integrity of the GWCFP rankings by precluding an existing site from changing over and carrying an unearned designation. The Guild Wars Community Relations Manager will make determinations on status on a case-by-case basis.

If I am not accepted into the program, may I reapply?

A fansite may be resubmitted for consideration as a GWCFP site, and if it qualifies at that time, will be welcomed into the program. We encourage a careful review of all the qualifications for the program, so that the review process is helpful and efficient.

Does the Guild Wars Community Fansite Program include guild sites?  NEW! 

At this time, the GWCFP is a program for fansites only. Guild sites generally adopt a very different focus than fansites, and while we may offer a separate program for guild sites in the future, at the present time the program is intended for Guild Wars fansites only.

Is my site required to join the GWCFP? What if I don't meet all the GWCFP requirements?

Sites are not required to join the GWCFP. We believe that the benefits that we offer are a good incentive to join the program, but we encourage fans to create any sort of fansite that they desire, as long as it is in conformance with our Terms of Use. Our fansite program is designed to accomplish two goals. The first goal is to help fans easily locate quality sites through the GWCFP designation. The second goal is to set quality levels that benefit the community and the company. So while we intend to support all our fansites, in order to be accepted into the Guild Wars Community Fansite Program and to receive the specific benefits of that program, a fansite must meet the requirements at one of the two program levels, as outlined on the Program Info Page.

My site content has been used by another fansite without my permission or consent. Will ArenaNet help me resolve this problem?

Matters of plagiarism are best handled between the sites involved. We encourage a swift appeal to the site's webmaster and to the site's upper staff, when possible, in an attempt to resolve the issue between the sites. ArenaNet cannot assist in legal matters that involve plagiarism of a site's unique content. However, if we are presented clear and overwhelming evidence that a site has taken another site's content without permission, attribution or credit, we will remove the offending site from the GWCFP.

Will this program evolve over time? Will you be open to ideas from fansite operators?

We definitely welcome communication from webmasters and site staff members. Your ideas and input will help us reach our goal of giving the best fansite support in the industry. What is good for you is good for us, and we want to work with you to make your fansite fun and worthwhile for you to maintain.