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Guild Wars: Eye of the North Prerelease Bonus Pack

The Low-Down on the Special Items Included in the Prerelease Bonus Pack

What's More Special than Special?

While we may call them "special" when speaking of the extras in the Guild Wars: Eye of the North Prerelease Bonus Pack, we want you to know that the items that come with this offer are well beyond special—they're downright extraordinary. In addition to being beautiful, valuable, and, yes, special—they were also designed by Guild Wars fans!

The three items players will receive in the Eye of the North Prerelease Bonus Pack were selected from entries in this summer's Guild Wars Design-A-Weapon Contest, and until this announcement, even the artists didn't know they had been selected for this "special" honor.

Details! Give Me Details!

For the Hourglass Staff, we looked through all of the entries—well over 1,000 pieces of art—to find an amazing staff for this offer. We wanted something unusual, something particularly in keeping with the Eye of the North theme, as well as the look and feel of the new creatures players will soon meet. We found that staff in artwork created by Bora Vergili, from Istanbul, Turkey. Hourglass Staff
When we sought a bow, we looked for one that offered a visual connection with the unknown lands of the Far Shiverpeaks. We knew it would be challenging to find the perfect item, but the art of Serbian contestant Marko Cvetrovic filled that need very well indeed. We are pleased to offer his weapon as the second special item, the Darksteel Longbow. Darksteel Longbow
The third item, the Glacial Blade, was less difficult to locate, but no less stunning. You may have already noted this gleaming weapon designed by Andre Roux of the United States on the Design-A-Weapon Contest Winner Announcement page. This contest-winning sword can now be yours to wield when you purchase the Prerelease Bonus Pack. Glacial Blade

Does this mean...?

Do we save all of the art submitted to a Guild Wars Design-A-Contest forever? Could it be that someday, when you least expect it, other items from contests might appear in the game—even those not originally called out as winners in the official contest announcements? Is it possible for other players to receive similar recognition in the future?

You figure it out!


Congratulations to Andre Roux, Bora Vergili, and Marko Cvetrovic! These fine fan artists will receive a few gifts from the Guild Wars Team, including signed copies of the prerelease bonus pack that includes their special weapons! Join with us in thanking these three players for their wonderful designs when you head out on your adventures carrying your new bow, staff, or sword.

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