Forge Your Legacy Now for Guild Wars 2!

Guild Wars: Eye of the North® is a compelling expansion of Guild Wars® that provides new content, challenging dungeons, new Heroes and skills, and the Hall of Monuments chamber, where you’ll forge a legacy that lives on in Guild Wars 2!

Return to the battle-scarred continent of Tyria, home of the original Guild Wars campaign. Here you’ll find old friends, make new allies, and confront an ancient, subterranean evil. Win or lose, your deeds will determine the fate of Tyria and set the stage for Guild Wars 2!

Gameplay Features
  • 4 new regions to explore, including the continent-sprawling Depths
  • 18 multi-level dungeons full of fiendish traps, clever puzzles, secret passages, and deadly foes
  • 150 new skills you can unlock and use
  • 10 new Heroes to command, including the mighty norn, the genius asura, and a few surprises
  • 40 new armor sets, including rare, stand-alone pieces
  • Your own Hall of Monuments: a personalized trophy chamber where your achievements can become rewards for your Guild Wars 2 characters—only available in Eye of the North
Purchase Now! Key Features
  • No monthly fees—ever!
  • Compelling story and customizable characters set in a stunning world
  • Free global competition with real-world prizes
  • PvP or roleplaying—you choose the gameplay style
  • No loot stealing, spawn camping, and endless travel
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