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Does the Guild Wars Bonus Mission Pack offer bonus missions or quests?

The Bonus Mission Pack consists of four bonus missions. They are not quests. They play just like traditional Guild Wars missions and are of the same approximate gameplay length. However, unlike traditional missions, these bonus missions are managed through your Quest Log.

Are the bonus missions repeatable?

Yes, you can replay the bonus missions as many times as you like.

Are the bonus missions designed for solo players or are they for parties?

These bonus missions are intended for a solo player only.

Are the bonus missions available to all of the characters on my account (much like the bonus items) or are they available only to one character on my account?

These bonus missions are available to every character on your account, not just one.

Is there a required character level for the bonus missions?

No. You play through these missions as a historical character that is scaled to the appropriate level for the tasks at hand. You do not play as your own characters.

When can I play the content in the Bonus Mission Pack?

The Bonus Mission Pack will be available for purchase on January 28, 2008. You can play the missions immediately upon purchase.

Will the missions expire?

These missions have no expiration date. Once added to your account, they remain available for you to play as often as you desire.

Will I receive an access key for the Bonus Mission Pack?

You won't need one! The access key that allows you to participate in the bonus missions is automatically added to your account at the time of purchase. There are no access keys to keep track of, and you can play right away without having to do a thing.

How can I verify that I have access to the Bonus Mission Pack?

  1. Check your account by logging in.
  2. On the character selection screen, choose "Edit Account".
  3. Click "Manage Access Keys".
  4. Under the heading "Your account is authorized to play the following Guild Wars Releases", verify that you see "Guild Wars Bonus Mission Pack".

If you have purchased the Bonus Mission Pack and do not see your access authorization listed, please contact Customer Service by visiting our Support Website at and using the Ask a Question option.

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