Guild Wars




New Storage Options for Guild Wars

Players who own Factions now have a new form of storage through the Xunlai Representative, a partner who works with specific Xunlai Agents. Your Materials Storage Vault is a new tab on the storage account and allows you to store up to 250 of each type of material or crafting supply in the game, both common and rare. So as you acquire items, you can put them into the Xunlai vault and keep your regular storage space clear for armor, weapons, and special holiday items. The first tab on the Xunlai interface is where your items are stored; it has 20 slots. The second tab is the new vault where you put all your materials and crafting supplies, like bones, shells, and other such things.

The following is a Mini-FAQ that will answer your questions about the new storage options.

Who has access to the new storage vault?

Anyone who owns Factions can access this expanded storage by interacting with the Xunlai Agents in Kaineng Center or Shing Jea Monastery.

What is offered with the Xunlai Agent enhancements?

The Materials Vault is accessed via a new tab in your personal Xunlai Agent [Storage] Vault. The first tab is the standard 20-slot Items Vault. The second (new) tab opens the Materials Vault, which holds both common and rare materials and crafting supplies. The Materials Vault has a defined slot for every form of supply or material in the game. So when you open it, you see a space for bones, another for wooden planks, a third for bolts of linen, etc.

How many spaces are offered with the new storage?

You will have one space for every type of material – common and rare – in the game. This means there are a total of 34 slots, specified by the name of the material.

How do I use it?

To access your new storage, interact with the Xunlai Representative near the Xunlai Agent in Kaineng Center or Shing Jea Monastery. (If you do not have a storage account, pay 50 gold to acquire a permanent storage vault and an additional 50g for the expanded storage options.) After your personal vault is opened, use the interface keys or drag and drop the item(s) into the open vault. If you are storing materials or supplies, be sure that the Materials Vault is opened; otherwise, the item(s) will be placed in the primary Items Vault.

What if I put the items into the wrong vault?

You can drag and drop from one vault to another by sliding the item from the Items Vault and releasing it over the tab for the Materials Vault. You can do the opposite to move items from the Materials into the Items Vault.

What happens if I try to put supply or crafting items beyond the 250 ceiling into the vault?

The supplies or materials will remain in your inventory, unless you choose to place them in your original 20-slot Item Storage Vault.

How do I use the Materials Vault?

Use the Materials Vault just as you use your Items Vault: Enable the vault and remove those items from storage that you need in your transaction. For instance, if you are crafting armor, gather the specific types of crafting materials from your vault, craft the armor, and then place the remaining materials back in your vault, in either the 20-slot Items Vault or the Materials Vault.

Is there a charge for the Materials Vault? Will the Xunlai Agent ask for another fee?

There is no additional cost for storage in real-world currency. There is a cost of 50 gold per character to enable the Materials Storage Vault, after one has a Xunlai account for that character. This is a one-time fee.

Updated 12 March 2007