Guild Wars




Observer Mode

Ever wish you could spectate championship battles firsthand and catch Guild Wars legends in the making? Want to check out a PvP map before you try it? Are you looking to scope out the competition and pick up new strategies? Maybe you just want to watch your friends battle to victory and see your enemies battered without putting in the effort yourself? If the answer to any of those questions is "yes," observer mode is made for you. You can choose to enter observer mode from the main menu (or by pressing B) to check out a guild battle or a guild tournament battle going on in one of the PvP arenas. To leave observer mode, use the menu, hit B again, or hit M to use ordinary map travel (which will take you back to the character you are playing).

Using Observer Mode:

  • Press U while in observer mode to open or close the area map. This will show you which team controls the flag stand and the location of all players and NPCs.
  • Matches are available for observation 15 minutes after the match starts. If you are the first one to view the match it will play back from the beginning.
  • Any observer that joins after the first person will enter observer mode as the match is in progress. Later observers may miss the beginning of the match, but will be able to view it simultaneously alongside all other observers present.
  • The overhead view centers on a random player when you enter observer mode. You can switch your focus to another character by left-clicking on that character.
  • You can also change your view by left-clicking on a character's icon on the observation map.
  • You can use the Tab key to cycle through targeted players.
  • If you wish to observe without centering your view on a single character, find one of the small camera icons on the map and click on it. Your view will move to that point, from there you can use the mouse to look in any direction you want but you will not leave that spot.
  • Turn off the Auto-Camera feature (click the check box in the upper right corner of the screen) to keep the camera locked on one player. Auto-Camera (on by default) will move from camera to camera (and sometimes from player to player) to let you follow the action with ease.
  • Press the O button while in observer mode to see a line graph tracking the Health and ,morale of each team throughout the game.
  • While in observer mode, chat goes out to other observers; players in the match will not be able to see observer comments at any time.