Guild Wars




Changes to Favor of the Gods

When adventurers accomplish heroic deeds, the gods grant blessings to their world, known as "favor of the gods." Soon, adventurers will have new ways to earn this blessing.

Originally, the favor of the gods was granted to a specific "region" of players based on events in the Hall of Heroes. As of August 9, 2007, the favor of the gods will affect all players in the game world, regardless of where they live in the real world.

Earning Achievements

Favor will now be granted based on character-driven achievements. Each time a character achieves the maximum rank in a qualifying title, the world will be one step closer to gaining the gods' favor.

When a character earns one of these achievements, that character's name and accomplishment will broadcast in seven locations: the Temple of the Ages, Lion's Arch, the Great Temple of Balthazar, Kaineng Center, Zin Ku Corridor, Kamadan, and the Chantry of Secrets.

After twenty announcements have been made, all Guild Wars players in all territories will be granted the gods' favor for one hour. If another character earns an achievement during that time, the favor of the gods will be extended for an additional three minutes.

The first twenty-one qualifying titles are:

Defender of Ascalon
Legendary Cartographer
Legendary Guardian
Legendary Skill Hunter
Legendary Vanquisher
Treasure Hunter
Sweet Tooth

Additional qualifying titles will be added upon the release of Guild Wars: Eye of the North.

Favor in Explorable Areas

When the world gains the gods' favor, statues to the gods will light up at specific locations in explorable areas. There's a limit to the number of these statues in the world. Each statue is located near a resurrection shrine or a gate between explorable areas.

When you find one of these statues, your character can kneel in front of it to summon an avatar of that god. After speaking to the avatar, your character can exchange gold for a temporary bonus. Possible bonuses include a morale boost, more Health, or a higher attribute. The bonus expires when you map travel or use a gate.

Special Realms

While the world has the favor of the gods, characters can travel to two special realms: the Underworld and the Fissure of Woe. To get to one of these special locations, your character will need to kneel before a statue of Grenth or Balthazar. These statues can be found in one of the following locations: the Temple of Ages (from the original Guild Wars campaign), Zin Ku Corridor (from Factions), or Chantry of Secrets (from Nightfall).

If your character kneels before one of these Grenth statues, that character can summon a spirit called the Voice of Grenth. By spending one platinum, your character can enter the Underworld, along with the rest of your party.

If your character kneels before Balthazar instead, you'll summon an avatar of the Lord of War. After spending one platinum, your party can travel to the Fissure of Woe.

Changes to the Hall of Heroes

Originally, the favor of the gods was granted to one region of players, depending on events in the Hall of Heroes. When a team of characters defended the Hall five consecutive times, all players from that region gained the favor of the gods.

Although maintaining control of the Hall no longer has an effect on the favor of the gods, the game will still globally announce when a team has defended that arena in PvP.