Guild Wars




Favor of the Gods

Changes to Favor of the Gods

Periodically, you'll see an announcement telling you which region has the Favor of the Gods. The favor goes to whichever region fields a team that can win five matches in a row in the Hall of Heroes. If your region has Favor, then you, as an individual player, can garner certain benefits in explorable areas. You’ll also be able to access two special areas of the game.

Favor in Explorable Areas

If your region has the Favor, statues of the gods will light up and have active animation. Often located near resurrection shrines and zone portals, you can kneel at any of them to summon an avatar from that god. Speak to the avatar and you may exchange gold for certain bonuses such as temporary morale boosts, more Health, or higher attributes. Note that these bonuses have time limits and expire if you map travel or use a portal.

Special Areas: Underworld and the Fissure of Woe

The Underworld is accessible through the Voice of Grenth and the Fissure of Woe is accessible through the Champion of Balthazar. These explorable areas remain closed until your region earns the Favor of the Gods. For example, if you play in the American region, and Europe has favor, you can't get in to these areas.

Kneel at the Statue of Grenth to summon his avatar. Offer him gold, and he'll allow your entire party to enter the Underworld. To enter the Fissure of Woe, kneel at the Statue of Balthazar to summon his avatar and appease him with gold. Find these statues in the Temple of Ages (Prophecies), Zin Ku Corridor (Factions), and Chantry of Secrets (Nightfall).