Guild Wars





The Monk can speak directly to the gods to open a conduit for divine magic that can heal and protect allies in battle or unleash holy power upon the Monk's enemies. The Monk's connection to the gods is illustrated in the primary Monk attribute, Divine Favor, which grants extra healing ability and makes Monk skills more effective. Monks often choose to focus on one of the other attributes. Healing Monks build up the Healing Prayers attribute to revive allies and mend their wounds. Smiting Monks put points into Smiting Prayers, which inflict damage on foes and work especially well against undead enemies. Protection Monks pump up the Protection Prayers attribute and use magic that prevents allies and themselves from taking damage. The Monk is the definitive Guild Wars "support profession," and will probably never have to wait for a group invitation. Combined with a secondary like Warrior or Ranger, Monks can also be quite effective when it comes to hurting the enemy.

Monk Attributes

Divine Favor
Every point spent in this primary Monk attribute grants a small healing bonus to all Monk spells that target allies. Divine Favor also pumps up the duration and potency of spells that call forth divine powers to aid the Monk's allies.
Healing Prayers Healing Prayers increases the duration and effectiveness of spells that allow the Monk to heal and your allies.
Smiting Prayers Smiting Prayers boosts the duration and damage caused by skills that harm your foes—especially the undead.
Protection Prayers Protection Prayers adds to the duration and power of Protection spells that keep you and your allies safe.