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The Mesmer is not content with living in reality—Mesmers prefer to create their own realities. Mesmers are the mental masters of illusion, control, and domination, subverting an enemy's Energy for their own purposes and supporting the entire party in battle with powerful, mind-bending magic. Domination skills put Mesmers in command of a foe's Health and Energy, while Illusion can inflict damage, slow an enemy, and drain away the powers of those that oppose them. The Mesmer can call on Inspiration to steal Energy directly from the opposition, and the primary Memser attribute Fast Casting works just like it sounds—you can sling your spells at a much higher rate than any other profession. The Mesmer is powerful as a damage-dealing spellcaster, a support player, or both. They should usually avoid the front lines, but can turn the tide of most any fight in seconds.

Mesmer Attributes

Fast Casting
This primary attribute lets the Mesmer cast spells more often and for greater overall effect than any other profession.
Domination This attribute boosts the duration and effect of your Domination spells, which allow you to control your enemies' actions.
Illusion Increase your Illusion attribute to extend the duration and effect of Illusion spells that deceive enemies, hinder their movement, and their ability to cast spells.
Inspiration Put points into Inspiration to pump up the duration and effect of your Inspiration spells, which steal Energy from enemies.