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The Elementalist commands the four elemental forces: earth, air, fire, and water. With magic derived from the very foundations of nature itself, Elementalists can inflict more damage in a single strike than any other profession. There are as many types of Elementalists as there are elements and ways to combine them. Some Elementalists choose to study two or more elements to maintain broad discipline, though many prefer to focus on one unique element. Earth magic triggers quakes and volcanoes, envelops foes in solid rock, and can add to the strength and stamina of allies. Air magic is driven by the power of storms and lightning, granting allies greater speed or targeting specific foes with a focused, high-damage attack. Fire magic is often considered the most purely destructive form, inflicting searing pain and damage on multiple enemies. The magic of Water is highly manipulative. Water magic summons ice and mist to slow enemies down and blur their vision, inflicts freezing cold damage, and even protects allies from other forms of magical attack. The primary Elementalist attribute, Energy Storage, gives the Elementalist the highest maximum Energy in the game. This makes other professions that use a lot of Energy, like the Monk or the Mesmer, natural choices for an Elementalist's secondary class. Elementalists should never be at the fore of melee combat, but when surrounded they can tap into a full staple of handy area-of-effect skills just in case.

Elementalist Attributes

Energy Storage
The Elementalist's primary attribute, Energy Storage, increases maximum Energy and boosts skills that help regenerate Energy.
Fire Magic Improve Fire Magic to increase the duration and effectiveness of the Elementalist's fire skills, which inflict fire damage and can affect large areas.
Water Magic Allocate points to Water Magic to increase the duration and effect of the Elementalist's water skills, which slow enemy movement and turns the blood of foes to ice.
Earth Magic Build up Earth Magic to increase the duration and effectiveness of the Elementalist's earth skills, which can protect both hero and ally or inflict damage on opponents that ignores their armor.
Air Magic Air Magic increases the duration and effectiveness of the Elementalist's Air skills, which pierce armor, cause Blindness, and knock enemies flat.