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Guild Wars Serves Up Bonus Golem and Fire Imp!

To celebrate the release of Guild Wars Trilogy and a new 2008 version of Guild Wars Game of the Year Edition, we're adding two new allied NPCs to the mix: M.O.X. the golem hero and the Fire Imp combat ally.

M.O.X. Rocks!

Meet M.O.X. the golem, the brainchild of a maverick Asuran inventor named Zinn. As an Asura with an entrepreneurial spirit, Zinn manufactured many golems for all sorts of clients, with little regard for their intended use—until one day when three of his golem creations turned on him. While being forced to augment these sinister creations against his will, Zinn also managed to develop his assistant M.O.X. to aid in his escape from their underground prison. M.O.X. now wanders the land in search of heroes that can help put an end to the three renegade creations and free his creator Zinn.

Game Details

In-game, M.O.X. is an NPC hero with the primary profession Dervish. He isn't just cool because he's a golem, however (and let's face it, all golems are cool)—M.O.X. is by far the largest hero in the game and his avatar form looks different from all other characters. His back-story quest covers every major part of the game, including elements from all three Guild Wars campaigns. M.O.X. starts out at level 20, which means you don't need to grind to level him up, but it also means he's only available to players who have reached level 10. Since he's meant to be used for PvE adventuring and exploring, M.O.X. cannot be used in PvP.

M.O.X. can be found outside the following port cities: Lion's Arch in the original Guild Wars, Kaineng Center in Factions, and Kamadan in Nightfall.

(Our hero M.O.X.)

(The many forms of M.O.X.)
The many forms of M.O.X.
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Starting in September 2008, here are the different ways you can obtain M.O.X.:

  • Purchase Guild Wars Trilogy (North America) or Guild Wars Complete Collection (Europe)
  • If you have all three Guild Wars campaigns active on your account (Guild Wars, Factions, and Nightfall) you will be able to obtain M.O.X. starting September 5, 2008.


The Fire Imp is a combat ally "leveling buddy" available to players below level 20. He's designed to help newer players level up, so his level matches the player's at the time he is summoned. Once acquired, the Fire Imp can be summoned for 60 minutes at a time using the Igneous Summoning Stone item, but certain restrictions apply: you can have only one Summoning Stone ally in your party at a time, and you can only use the Igneous Summoning Stone once every 60 minutes per instance—so if you whistle up a Fire Imp, send him into combat, and he dies after 10 seconds, you have a 59:50 wait before you can bring him back again. That is, of course, unless another player in your party summons their own Fire Imp after yours dies, in which case your party won't have to wait long at all before replacing the feisty little guy.

Starting in September 2008, here are the different ways you can obtain the Fire Imp:

  • Purchase Guild Wars Trilogy (North America) or Guild Wars Complete Collection (Europe)
  • Purchase new versions of Guild Wars products in North America and Europe—look for the Fire Imp on the back of the box
  • Purchase the Guild Wars 2008 Upgrade or the Game of the Year Upgrade, available in the in-game store or
  • If you've already purchased any of the Guild Wars games via the in-game store or, access to the Fire Imp will be added to your account automatically on September 5, 2008.

After you log into the game, type "/bonus" in the chat window to have the Igneous Summoning Stone added to your inventory.