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After juggling all your loot, you realize there's only so much you can lug around. Eventually you may have tough choices: mini-pets, runes, tomes, keys, foci, and so on all compete for your precious space. The solution: storage.

Character Storage: Bags and More

When you pick up loot, it goes into your character's inventory. All characters have a total of available five bag slots, so the amount of loot you can actually hold depends on what you have to hold it in:

Timesaver tip:

  • Open your storage chest.
  • Leave the storage window open.
  • Run around town.
  • No matter where you go, you can move items between storage and your character.
  • Use this when crafting armor, buying consumables, or trading with other people.

This pack has 20 slots. All characters start with one of these.

Belt Pouch

This pouch has 5 slots. You can get one from collectors or merchants.


A bag starts with 5 slots, but can be upgraded to 10 slots by applying a Rune of Holding. Characters can have a maximum of two bags, which can be acquired from collectors or merchants.

Equipment Pack

Added in the 4th Anniversary Update, this special pack holds only weapons and armor and comes in several sizes: 5, 10, 15, and 20 slots. You can get these bags in exchange for Zaishen Coins, which are obtained as rewards for completing replayable Zaishen Challenge Quests.

Account-wide Storage: The Xunlai Chest

Xunlai Storage Chest

The Xunlai Chest is storage space for all of your characters to share. To set up your storage, talk to a Xunlai Agent (found in most towns) and, for a mere 50 gold, they'll give you access to your very own storage chest.

In the chest, you get one pane of 20 slots to start, plus an additional pane for each campaign and expansion you own. This means you can have up to four storage panes for your account. For another 50 gold you can add an extra pane of materials storage, which only holds stacks of crafting materials.

One you've set up your storage, each of the other characters on your account will need to pay a one-time fee of 50 gold to the Xunlai Agent before they can access the chest.

Additional Storage: Extra Storage Panes

Xunlai Storage Pane

If you're still running out of room to hold items, you may also purchase up to four additional panes of extra storage from the In-Game Store, or at the NCsoft Store.

You'll see any panes you buy the next time you open your chest. If you acquire extra panes while running the game, you'll have to restart before you see them.

For more information about how to purchase additional storage panes, click here.

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