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Sunspear and Lightbringer Title Tracks

Guild Wars Nightfall includes nine Sunspear ranks in its Sunspear Title Track. You'll need to spend some time earning the first seven to advance the game's story. Some players may also want to earn ranks to gain more skills for their Heroes, but more importantly, some primary quests have rank as a prerequisite. Whatever your reason for rising in the ranks, a bit of strategy can save you some time and trouble as you play through the game.

Rank Hath its Privileges

The list of nine Sunspear ranks currently looks like this:

  1. Sunspear Sergeant
  2. Sunspear Master Sergeant
  3. Second Spear
  4. First Spear
  5. Sunspear Captain
  6. Sunspear Commander
  7. Sunspear General
  8. Sunspear Castellan
  9. Spearmarshal

The Title tab in your Hero panel (opened by pressing H on your keyboard) displays your ranks and current total of promotion points. A green bar below your current rank advances as you earn more promotion points.

After you reach the sixth rank (Sunspear Commander), you can display your title under your character's name in the world. Click on the box next to the title to display it. As you continue to gain rank, the title appearing under your character's name is updated.

Each time you advance in rank, you'll also earn Sunspear promotion points, used to buy skills for your Heroes. You can find more information on this in our article on "Acquiring Hero Skills". If you've been playing the game for a while, you may not need to spend Hero skill points, but new players should consider gaining rank as a way of making their Heroes more versatile.

Sunspear Scouts

Vast populations of enemies, both human and non-human, roam the landscape of Elona. Sunspears have many duties, and one of them is culling the herds of monsters surrounding towns and outposts. Any Sunspear who wants to advance in rank should help out by collecting bounties on dangerous enemies.

When you start the game in Istan, look for Sunspear scouts standing near resurrection shrines. Each scout warns you about a specific type of enemy in the surrounding area, offering a bounty for each of these enemies you kill. After you receive a bounty, you'll see an icon in the upper left-hand corner of your screen. As long as you remain in that explorable area, you'll receive double XP for killing that type of monster, along with one promotion point for each one you kill.

Those promotion points will be critical later in the game, since some primary quests require you to attain a specific rank before you can begin them. For instance, you must be a Sunspear Captain before you can rally the troops in "The Time Is Nigh," and that rank requires over 500 promotion points. When you're ready to leave the Sunspear Sanctuary in "A Hero Shall Lead Them," you'll need to be a Sunspear General with over 2,500 promotion points. The sooner you start earning those points, the easier you'll find it to advance in the game later.

Other Types of Scouts

As you advance into each of the next four provinces (Kourna, Vabbi, the Desolation, and the Realm of Torment), the "scouts" you encounter will have different names and themes. For instance, Wandering Priests give out bounties in Kourna, while Vabbian Scouts play the same role in Vabbi.

The higher ranks may seem daunting at first, but you'll also receive greater rewards of promotion points as you advance in the game. Each time you collect a bounty in Kourna, for instance, it's worth four promotion points instead of the one point you'd receive in Istan. Although the "scouts" you visit in Istan are all near resurrection shrines, that isn't true later in the game. When in doubt, check your Mission Map (opened by pressing the U key) to verify the location of the nearest scout.

Tyrian and Canthan Sunspears

Characters from Tyria and Cantha can also gain rank as Sunspears, but they won't be able to collect bounties from the explorable areas of Istan. Some Elonian quests include promotion points as rewards, but aside from that, you won't be able to hunt for bounties until you finish the first mission in Kourna, which begins at the Consulate Docks. Because later bounties reward more than one promotion point for each kill, however, the time you spend advancing through the later ranks may be reduced.

Lightbringer Rank

Once you reach Dejarin Estate, and after you reach Vabbi, there's another type of rank to earn: you can progress as a Lightbringer. To see your current Lightbringer rank in the Lightbringer Title Track, along with your progress to the next rank, open your Hero menu (press the H key) and click on the Title tab.

The Lightbringer Title Track appears on your character's Hero panel after you fight one of Abaddon's minions for the first time. Just as scouts offer bounties used to advance your Sunspear rank, there are NPCs who can offer "blessings" that advance your Lightbringer rank. In Vabbi, for instance, Whispers Informants offer these blessings.

Each time you kill another one of Abaddon's minions while you have a blessing, you'll earn "lightbringer points" toward the next rank of Lightbringer. The first rank of Lightbringer requires 100 lightbringer points, the second requires 300, and so on. Each blessing refers to a different type of minion, such as demons, elementals, or Margonites.

Like the Sunspear Title Track, there are nine ranks in the Lightbringer Title Track, but the title has an additional mechanic. When you display your Lightbringer title (by selecting it in your character's Hero panel) each rank of Lightbringer gives you +5% damage against demons and +1 damage reduction against demons. "No Attribute" skills available in Vabbi also become more powerful as you gain Lightbringer ranks. For anyone fighting wave after wave of minions enslaved by Abaddon, gaining Lightbringer ranks can make crusading against the forces of darkness a little easier.