Guild Wars




Skill Templates

Nightfall introduces a new system for saving and managing character templates. Each template includes basic information about a character: a primary and secondary profession, a build of skills on a Skill Bar, and a set of attributes with allocated attribute points. You can save, load, and manage templates from your Skills and Attributes panel.

With this system, you can switch your characters and Heroes between different roles quickly, adjusting their build whenever you're in a town or outpost. PvE players can swiftly change to an alternate build when looking for a group, just as PvP players can rapidly customize team builds and strategies between matches. Because you can move saved files from one computer to another, you can also share character builds with your guild and your friends.

Click on "K" to open your Skills and Attributes panel.

  • To save a Skill Template, click the disk icon inside the Skills and Attributes panel, then click "Save to Template." The template will be saved to a small file in the Templates/Skills folder below the Guild Wars installation directory. You can copy this file to other computers, share it with your friends, or post it on the Internet.
  • To load a Skill Template, click the disk icon, then click "Load from Template." You can load any template that matches your character's primary profession.

If your character doesn't have as many attribute points as the character used to create the template, the attribute levels will automatically be adjusted down for you.

If your character doesn't have access to skills that were saved in the template, those skills will appear grayed out. You can then swap in skills you have for skills you don't have, altering the build you've copied from the template.

Whenever you're in a town or outpost, you can also change the secondary profession of a Hero. If you plan on doing this often, customizing and saving templates for different combinations of professions can make your Heroes even more versatile, saving you a great deal of time as well.