Guild Wars




Party Search Panel

In Guild Wars, every group of adventurers is a party. Whether you need to find or form a party, the Party Search panel has tools that can help. Whenever your character is in a town or outpost, you can search through all districts at that location for other parties to join.

To get to this panel, click on the Menu button in the lower-left corner of your screen, then select Party Search. Inside a town or outpost, the "P" button opens the Party Search panel. Outside a town or outpost, that button opens (or closes) the Party panel instead.

The Party panel lists all the characters, Heroes, and henchmen in your party. Characters are listed on the Party panel in the order they were added to the party.

If your name is at the top of the Party panel, you are the party leader. If you haven't invited any other players into your party, you're the party leader: you're a party of one. If the party leader drops from the party, the next character on the list becomes the party leader.

The Party Search panel shows all parties searching for players, along with available Heroes and henchmen. After you've opened the Party Search panel, you can use it to view and accept party invitations. If you're a party leader, you can announce that you're searching for more characters to join your party. Click "Search Party" to make the announcement. If you'd like to attract a more specialized group, you can also add a short string of text to your entry.

The Party Search panel has three tabs. The Players tab lists parties looking for players; the second and third tabs are for adding Heroes and henchmen to your party.

First Tab: Players

Click on the Players tab, and you'll see a list of parties looking for players. Each entry includes the following information:

  • All searching parties in all districts for your current town or outpost
  • The district location of each party
  • The size of each party
  • Short descriptions written by players for their parties

The three icons shown below are used throughout this list.

Each party leader who has specifically invited you to join a party has an "invitation icon" next to the party leader's name.
After you send an invitation to a party, that party has a question mark next to the party leader's name.
After two parties have agreed to join, this icon shows that they're merging.

You'll also see information for your own party on the list, but the information will be grayed out.

Selecting an entry on the list provides the following options:

  • Whisper: Select this option to open the Chat window and send a private message to a party leader.
  • Join: Invite the selected party to join with your party.
  • Uninvite: Cancel an invitation to the selected party.
  • Accept: Join the selected party.
  • Reject: Decline a pending invitation.
  • Close: Close the Party Search panel.

Second Tab: Heroes

The second tab on the Party Search panel shows a list of all the Heroes a character has recruited. A character doesn't have to be the party leader to invite a Hero to join. Each character can add up to three Heroes to the party if there's room.

Third Tab: Henchmen

The third tab lists all available henchmen in the current town or outpost. Only the party leader can add henchmen. Henchmen can only be added if there's room in the party.

Crossing District Boundaries

If a party leader accepts an invitation from a party in another district, the smaller party travels to the larger party's district, regardless of who invited whom. The party leader of the larger group becomes the party leader of the new group. The smaller party sees a countdown before switching districts; during that time, their spots are reserved in the new party.

If both parties are the same size, the party that sent the invitation is treated as the "larger party". The party that accepted the invitation switches districts. If there's still room in the party, the new party's leader can continue to add henchmen and invite additional parties.