Guild Wars




Collectors and Quartermasters

"Where do I trade in Monastery Credits?"
— random adventurer, Shing Jea Monastery

"What do I do with Battle Commendations?"
— random Sunspear, Kamadan


Collectors conduct their trade both inside and outside towns, sometimes in unlikely and inhospitable places. For various reasons, collectors want large quantities of trophy items from enemies you slay in the wild, and they're willing to trade for them. Some offer a wide variety of powerful weapons and other useful items in exchange; others can provide high-quality armor. Even if you don't have an immediate need for a Collector's reward, you can usually still make a profit from it, either by selling it to another character or finding a merchant who'll buy it. A Collector's name is followed by the word [Collector].

Quest Reward Collectors

In Nightfall, you can receive special trophy items as quests rewards. You can turn in these trophy items to special Collectors; they can exchange them for items that aren't available from normal Collectors. Like other Collectors, these NPCs appear with the word [Collector] after their names.

The trophy items you can receive for completing quests vary depending on the province or realm where you started that quest.

  • In Istan, you can trade in Battle Commendations to Sunspear Quartermasters.
  • In Kourna, you can trade in Kournan Coins to Smugglers.
  • Some Vabbian quests reward you with Trade Contracts to Vabbi Trade Officials.
  • Adventurers in the Desolation can obtain Ancient Artifacts and trade them to Wandering Scribes.
  • In the Realm of Torment, you can trade in dark and mysterious Secrets to Secret Keepers.

Collectors on the Mission Map

Collectors can be found both inside and outside towns and outposts. In Nightfall, you can find a Collector outside a town or outpost by checking your Mission Map. (Press "U" to open or close it.) Each Collector on that map has a label showing what he or she collects.

Special Collectors who accept trophy items work the same way. For instance, if you want to trade in Battle Commendations, look for a Collector on your Mission Map with the name of that trophy item next to it.


Factions introduced a new type of NPC: the Quartermaster. These traders are similar to the trophy item Collectors in Nightfall: they accept items you receive as quest rewards and trade them for useful equipment.

A Quartermaster NPC in Factions can be identified by the word [Quartermaster] after its name.

  • Early in the game, characters can earn Monastery Credits by completing low-level quests. You can take them to a Monastery Quartermaster in Shing Jea Monastery or Seitung Harbor.
  • Later in the game, characters can earn Imperial Commendations for completing higher-level quests. You can take them to an Imperial Quartermaster in Kaineng Center.
  • In Cavalon, a Luxon Quartermaster collects Luxon Totems.
  • In House zu Heltzer, a Kurzick Quartermaster collects Equipment Requisitions.

Event Rewards

Some special events include opportunities to acquire exotic quest items, which you can then trade to a Quartermaster, Collector, or similar NPC in exchange for a reward only available at that event.