Guild Wars




Titles and Factions

Among other information, the Hero panel includes a list of your character's titles and faction. You can open that panel with the "H" key, and then click on the Title (or Faction) tab for more information. Once you've earned a title, you can select it in the Title menu so that appears under your character's name.


Performing certain heroic deeds (and some not-so-heroic-but-still-impressive deeds) can earn your character special titles. Some titles have multiple levels of achievement, defined by the number of times you complete a certain task. Here's a few examples from the cooperative part of the game:

  • To earn an Exploration title, you must explore a certain portion of the World Map. The first one, Explorer, requires you to explore 60% of the map in a campaign.
  • For a Skill Hunter title, you must capture a certain number of elite skills. The first one requires you to capture 90 elite skills.
  • For a Protector title, you must complete all the missions in a campaign, along with bonus objectives. For example, Protector of Tyria requires you to complete all 25 missions in Prophecies, along with their bonus objectives.
  • For a Treasure Hunter title, you must open a certain number of chests, each requiring a key that costs at least 600 gold. The first one requires you to open 100 chests of that kind.
  • For a Wisdom Title, you must identify a certain number of rare items. The first one, Seeker of Wisdom, requires you to identify 100 rare items.

PvP Titles

Competitive areas of the game have their own PvP Titles. Examples include:

  • The Champion title is earned for winning "guild-versus-guild" battles against guilds with a rating of 1200 or higher. The first one requires you to win 25 GvG matches of this type.
  • The Gladiator title is available to players who have a winning streak in the Random Arena. The first one requires you to have a 25 consecutive wins in that arena.


Faction is a reward you receive for achievements in player-versus-player conflicts and special cooperative PvE missions or repeatable quests.

  • Guild Wars Prophecies introduced Balthazar's faction, a reward for competitive PvP.
  • Guild Wars Factions introduced Luxon and Kurzick faction, a reward for competing in a PvP conflict or PvE challenge at the heart of that campaign.

Balthazar's Faction

The Battle Isles includes many arenas where you can earn faction. Both Tyria (in Prophecies) and Cantha (in Factions) have competitive arenas as well.

  • Many beginning players start to earn faction in the Random and Team Arenas of the Battle Isles.
  • Others start in low-level arenas in the cooperative side of the game, such as the Old Ascalon Arena (in Prophecies) or the Shing Jea Arena (in Factions); you cannot play with a character above 10th level in either of those locations.

As an example of faction rewards, those four arenas (Random, Team, Old Ascalon, and Shing Jea) give the same rewards for PvP conflict. You can earn Balthazar's faction by killing another PvP character (that is, earning 20 faction for reducing an enemy character's Health to 0) or by winning a match (earning 25 faction for defeating another team). If nobody on your team dies, it's a Flawless Victory, and each character earns additional 25 faction.

After you find a Priest of Balthazar in the Battle Isles, you can trade the faction you've earned for skills and runes useable only in PvP.

Luxon and Kurzick Faction

As we detailed in our Alliance article, your character can earn Luxon or Kurzick faction after joining an alliance that participates in that conflict.

Both Luxons and Kurzicks can earn faction (for their respective groups) by:

  1. Finishing the missions at Fort Aspenwood and Jade Quarry, and
  2. Winning Alliance Battles.

Luxons can earn faction for the following tasks:

  1. Completing Luxon-only quests,
  2. Getting a high score on the Zos Shivros challenge mission, and
  3. Succeeding in the Aurios Mines mission.

Kurzicks can earn faction for the following tasks:

  1. Completing Kurzick-only quests,
  2. Getting a high score on the Amatz Basin challenge mission, and
  3. Succeeding in the Altrumm Ruins mission.

A guild member can turn in faction for his or her group towards overall Alliance Faction. A character on either side can earn a title by turning in a certain amount of alliance faction. To turn in faction, players should look for a Scribe in either capitol city or in a guild hall; look for the words [Faction Transfer] after that NPC's name.