Guild Wars




Map Travel

Map Travel

Press M bring up the map. To instantly travel to any town you have visited before, click on its icon. (Press M again to exit the map travel screen.)

Tracing Your Steps

The map is also available during missions or when exploring the landscapes between towns to meet a quest objective. Your path is marked with a red dotted line that shows you where you are, where you've been, and where you're going. The details of each area map are revealed only as you encounter that area; until then you will only see a fogged out view. You can use map travel even in the middle of combat—but remember, you will be abandoning your allies if you do so and will have to try the mission all over again. The party leader may use map travel when in a town or outpost and bring the entire party to a new location (members who have not unlocked the destination will not travel).


Cooperative Mission


PvP Mission

Completed Mission

Guild Hall

A pulsing map pin indicates an available mission.

Map Markers

Check your map often; special icons mark towns, markets, guild halls, and mission areas on the map travel screen. They appear as pins when in overview mode, and as more distinct markers when zoomed in. Mission locations are represented by a shield, while hub towns and outposts have their own symbols. As you complete missions, additional map locations become available. You can also unlock new locations by simply walking there and blazing your own path. You may encounter plenty of monsters to fight along the way, but it's not the most efficient way to earn experience and advance in the game, as quests and missions generally earn you greater rewards than combat alone.

Zoom In

From the overview map, click once to zoom in for a closer look at a region. (Click again to zoom out.)


While zoomed in, click a location icon and read about the area. Click Travel to travel instantly.

Exit Map

Press M or click the map button to exit the map and return to your current location.