Guild Wars




The Skill Bar

Your Skill Bar holds a maximum of eight skills, so it's important to carefully choose which skills to arm your hero with prior to leaving town and entering battle. Your currently equipped skills are displayed in the Skill Bar. Each Skill Bar slot is mapped to a number key on your keyboard. To examine all of your available skills, hit the K key on your keyboard.

Equip Skills

Drag skills from the Skills menu to the Skill Bar. You can only equip skills in towns and outposts.

Use Skills

Click the target foe or ally on which you wish to use the skill, then either click on the skill to activate it or use the corresponding number keys (1-8).

Skill Tips:

  • Most skills have an Energy cost. Keep track of how much Energy a skill requires and how much you have readily available, especially if your character uses magic often.
  • Active skills are fully lit. Darkened skills are temporarily inactive and require either recharge time or adrenaline in order to utilize.
  • Some skills—particularly those associated with the Warrior profession—require adrenaline and will recharge automatically during combat because you build up adrenaline during the fight. Adrenaline is a bit like Energy, except you do not have a bar with which to track it. To check on your current adrenaline levels, just check an adrenaline-based skill on the skill bar. When it is brightly lit, the adrenal skill is ready to use.
  • Some skills require a particular weapon type, such as a sword, axe, or bow. If a skill reads "Sword Attack," you cannot use that skill while wielding any other kind of weapon.
  • While outside of town, you can rearrange the order of skills on your Skill Bar to your heart's content, although you cannot equip different skills until you return to an outpost.
  • Signet skills do not cost energy to use, but usually take time to activate—time during which you can be interrupted or hit. Use cautiously!
  • Certain types of Assassin attacks require an exact sequence, otherwise they will fail. Available Assassin attacks will light up.

Range and Distance

Any spells you cast will reach no farther than the edge of your danger zone, marked by the white circle around your character on the compass (previously known as mini-map). This distance is roughly 88 feet in the game world. Various bows have ranges that fall inside this radius (like the short bow) or extend much further outside the aggro zone (like the long bow).

Melee attacks and skills that require you to touch the target require you to be within two feet of your opponent. Any attack that affects a character or foe that is "adjacent" to your primary target is effective within 13 feet of the user. Shouts have about the same range as the aggro zone.