Guild Wars




Missions and Quests

If you are playing a Roleplaying character, much of that hero's life will be taken up with missions and quests that give experience, provide you with valuable loot, and allow you to explore the full scope of the rich storyline running through the game. Missions and quests provide you with the goals and objectives you must meet to advance the story and grow into a legendary hero.

Don't Go It Alone

Missions and quests are easier to complete with several players. —To find other players to adventure with, travel to a mission outpost and use the Chat system to invite players to join your team. Computer-controlled henchmen are always looking for work aiding heroes at the gates of towns and outposts, so consider dragging a few along if you don't feel like recruiting total strangers.

Finding Your Way

When you select a quest on your Quest Log, you can check the direction of your next objective on your in-game maps. You'll either see a green starburst (showing the location of the objective) or a green arrow (showing the direction). Note that the correct path to your destination will not always be in the same direction as the green waypoint. Often, the only way to get to a particular spot is by following a course that may twist and turn in the "wrong" direction for a time. If one or more members of the party have been through the area before, let them plot a course on the compass (previously known as mini-map) to guide you to the destination.

Completing Quests

Each Guild Wars campaign has a story running through it, formed by a chain of primary quests and missions.

When you see a primary quest listed in your Quest Log, that means it advances the story, leading you to the next mission (or another primary quest). Some players think of these as "link quests." Completing them can earn you XP (used to advance your character), gold, items, skills, or all of the above.

Secondary quests don't advance the story, but when you complete them, you earn some of the same rewards as primary quests. Some players think of these as "side quests."

Completing Missions

The first time you finish a mission, you'll receive a 1,000 XP reward for completing it. Each mission also advances the game's story through a series of short cinematics.

You can attempt a mission multiple times, but there's a limit to the reward you can receive for completing it. Each you time you finish a mission, a shield appears on the screen, covered by one, two, or three swords.

  • One sword crossing the shield is worth 1,000 XP.
  • The second sword crossing the shield is worth 2,000 XP.
  • The third sword crossing the shield is worth 3,000 XP.

You can only receive the reward for each sword once.

In Prophecies, you can earn the second or third sword by completing secondary objectives. They're usually related in some way to your primary mission, but have their own independent goals. In addition to experience, you can sometimes earn gold or items (or both) by completing a secondary objective.

When you form a group with other players, you may want to decide early in the mission whether the group wants to attempt a bonus objective (or if you know the objective, decide before you start).

Performance Rewards in Factions

Unlike missions in the original Guild Wars Prophecies campaign, story missions in Factions do not feature bonus mission objectives. Instead, you're awarded between one and three sword icons based on your performance on the mission. In most missions, your performance reward is based on time, but a few missions are based on other goals. (For example, Gyala Hatchery requires you to save Baby Turtles, while Eternal Grove requires you to save Tree Singers.) In every mission, you receive 1,000 XP the first time you complete it.