Guild Wars





A guild is a society of heroes joined together under a common banner. Each member is attired in a common cape designed by the founder of that guild. Guilds are, naturally, at the heart of Guild Wars. With your guild (should you choose to join one) you compete against others in PvP missions and tournaments, the results of which determine each guild's ranking in the Guild Wars world. You can create your own guild, or if you're invited, you can join one of the many already in existence.

When you create or join a guild, all of your player characters automatically become members. Your rank in the guild determines whether you can invite other players into the guild and grant them membership. To bring up information on your guild (including the "guildies" that are currently online) press the G key; to chat with members of your guild press Enter and then select the appropriate tab.

Guild Halls

As the members or your guild gain wealth and earn levels, you will want to consider buying a guild hall. You will need a substantial sum of gold (many guilds form a gold pool to share the cost) and a Celestial Sigil, which is earned by accomplishing legendary and high-level deeds in the Hall of Heroes. There are several styles of guild halls to choose from that come in a wide variety of landscapes. After choosing a guild hall, you can talk to the Guild Lord and purchase useful NPCs such as merchants and skill trainers to populate it. Your guild hall is a place where you can meet and socialize with other guild members—and your character may even have to fight to defend it.

Create a Guild

Visit the Guild Registrar in any town to create a new guild. Follow the onscreen instructions to name your guild and create a unique emblem for your members to wear.

Invite Members

When you invite players to join your guild, they'll receive an invitation which they must accept in order to become a member. If the person you invited already belongs to a guild, you will receive notification and your invitation will not be sent.

Join a Guild

When you are invited to join a guild, you'll receive notice and you may accept or decline the invitation.

Guild Ladder

Your guild earns rating points for each battle victory, and the Guild Ladder on the Guild Wars website tracks the top 1000 guilds according to rating points earned. Check out the Guild Wars Ladder to find out how your guild rates.