Guild Wars




Amber and Jade

The Luxons and Kurzicks are warring for many reasons. One of them is the need for rare materials, commodities that cannot be found outside their provinces. The Kurzicks want amber; while Luxons need jadeite (a rare form of jade).

Players in Guild Wars Factions also have uses for amber and jade (or at least, their virtual equivalents). Characters involved in this conflict use them as rare crafting materials, trading them into crafters (and paying some gold) to receive rare Luxon and Kurzick armor. While the statistics for these items are as comparable as, say, the armor found in Droknar's Forge, completing a distinctive suit of alliance armor is an impressive achievement which shows loyalty and allegiance to a particular side.

Where to Find It

Kurzicks can find amber from several sources:

  1. Monsters in Echovald Forest have a small chance of dropping amber when killed.
  2. Kurzick NPCs in Luxon areas occasionally drop amber when killed.
  3. Some amber weapons can be salvaged for amber.
  4. The Kurzick Bureaucrat in House zu Heltzer sells amber in exchange for Kurzick faction.

Luxons can find jadeite from several sources:

  1. Monsters in the Jade Sea have a small chance of dropping it when killed.
  2. Jade Brotherhood NPCs occasionally drop jadeite when killed.
  3. Some jade weapons can be salvaged for jadeite.
  4. The Luxon Scavenger in Cavalon sells jadeite in exchange for Luxon faction.

In some cities, Rare Material Traders can sell these resources. Each faction's rare material is available in that faction's capital (House zu Heltzer or Cavalon). Some cities contested in Alliance Battles may have one resource or the other available for the sale, depending on who controls it.

Since players can collect these resources, they can also trade them: Kurzicks in House zu Heltzer, and Luxons in Cavalon.

What to Do with It

Luxons and Kurzicks can craft exotic armor from their faction's rare material.

  • House zu Heltzer, the Kurzick capital, has crafters who can make Kurzick armor from amber and other materials (such as cloth, silk, and dust).
  • Cavalon, the Luxon capital, has crafters who can make Luxon armor from jadeite and other materials (such as cloth and linen).

Each profession has its own version of Luxon or Kurzick armor, each with a distinctive appearance. Guild Wars includes many ways to measure success, and at first sight, a character wearing armor from either side of the conflict stands out as a dedicated crusader in the ongoing fight between these two factions.