Guild Wars




Alliances and Alliance Battles

Characters form a guild; several guilds form an alliance. Up to ten guilds can be in an alliance, so if you join one, you'll have an even larger group of familiar players you can recruit when you're forming a team. When your guild is in alliance, you can visit the Guild Halls of all your allied guilds. Everyone in the alliance can also communicate on an alliance chat channel, accessible through a tab in the chat window.

Forming an Alliance

One guild leader starts an alliance. That player becomes an alliance leader, and from there, the alliance leader can invite other guilds. The invitation is sent through an in-game interface. An outside guild cannot ask to join; the invitation must come from the alliance leader. The alliance leader must pay a hefty price (1,000 gold pieces) to invite each guild (and may need a little help paying it). Any guild leader can voluntarily withdraw his or her guild from the alliance at any time.

Alliance Battles

Alliances play an important role in Guild Wars Factions. The leader of an alliance can choose to ally with one of two factions from that game: the Luxons or Kurzicks. (If your guild is not part of an alliance, your guild leader can still choose a side – in that case, you'd be an "alliance of one.") To formally declare allegiance, your alliance leader must either meet with the Luxon Ambassador in Cavalon or the Kurzick Ambassador in House zu Heltzer. Choosing one of those two factions unlocks locations in where your alliance can participate in alliance battles.

Players in alliance battles gain faction with the Kurzicks or Luxons for helping one side or the other. (You also earn the same Balthazar faction you receive in any PvP conflict.) When you play an alliance battle at a contested location (see below), the total faction points awarded to each side determines which faction has control of that location on the map. By looking at the World Map, you can see how much territory each side controls. At regular intervals, the number of wins and losses scored by teams on each side is calculated, and the border moves east or west as a result.

Five types of alliance battles are used to determine territory control. Only one is available at a given location at any given time. The map for an alliance battle is chosen based on the current amount of territory controlled by either faction. As part of game balance, the more territory one side controls, the more advantageous the map is for the side with less territory. For example, if the Luxons control 4/5 of the area, the map that is the most Kurzick-friendly will appear as playable.

Individual alliance members can earn faction with either side, but only the faction for their chosen alliance influences the game. Belonging to an alliance also has an additional benefit: If a town or outpost is controlled by your alliance, you'll have access to some NPCs the other side does not. This gives you more merchants to trade with, as well as quests that are not available to the other side. Faction-allied towns show the symbol of the alliance they honor, and when you visit them, you'll see that symbol proudly displayed on flags and banners inside the city walls.

Elite Missions

Players in the top-ranked alliances receive one more perk: access to elite missions. In the Luxon or Kurzick capital, characters in the top-ranked alliance for that faction are the only ones who have access to a section of town. A special NPC is waiting there to start an elite mission for them.

Contested Locations

Eighteen Canthan towns and outposts can be contested in Factions. At the top of the map, the two towns on either side of the territorial border never change hands. (The two top alliances from each side see their emblems there.) The remaining fourteen contested towns are controlled by Luxons or Kurzicks, depending on the results of alliance battles.

Kurzick Strongholds
House zu Heltzer Held by the top-ranked Kurzick alliance
Altrumm Ruins Held by the second-ranked Kurzick alliance
Luxon Strongholds
Cavalon Held by the top-ranked Luxon alliance
The Aurios Mines Held by the second-ranked Luxon alliance
Contested Territory
Amatz Basin Easiest for Kurzicks to hold
Tanglewood Copse  
Saint Anjeka's Shrine  
Lutgardis Conservatory  
Brauer Academy  
Vasburg Armory  
Durheim Archive  
Harvest Temple  
Seafarer's Rest  
Leviathan Pits  
Eredon Terrace  
Bai Paasu Reach  
Breaker Hollow  
Zos Shivros Channel Easiest for Luxons to hold

Uncontested Locations

There's an additional ten outposts on the alliance battle map, and they never change sides. Kurzick NPCs control five of them; Luxon NPCs control the other five.

Kurzick Locations

Fort Aspenwood (Kurzick)
The Jade Quarry (Kurzick)
The Eternal Grove
Unwaking Waters (Kurzick)

Luxon Locations

Boreas Seabed
Fort Aspenwood (Luxon)
The Jade Quarry (Luxon)
Gyala Hatchery
Unwaking Waters (Luxon)