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About Guild Wars

  • No subscription fees –
    Buy the game and play online with no monthly fees.

  • Custom adventures
    When you leave the bustling cities, experience adventures created just for you and your party.

  • Play solo or in a party
    Go it alone, join with other players, or recruit a party of henchmen that you control.

  • Play with or against them
    Build a guild with other players and enter Player vs. Player tournaments for in-game prizes.

"The Year's Best PC Title."
- Play magazine (February 2006 issue)

Take your first step into Guild Wars®, the award-winning fantasy online roleplaying game enjoyed by millions of players. Across Tyria, the human kingdoms are under attack by the vicious Charr. As a young hero caught between the powerful will of King Adelbern and the rebellious Prince Rurik, you are called upon to defend humanity. Will you become an instrument of the ancient Prophecy or be crushed beneath it? Rally your strength and the power of your guild to establish your legend.

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