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Join us for Wintersday in July!

It’s time to take a break from the summer heat (or celebrate the frosty weather, depending on your hemisphere) with our Wintersday in July celebration! The festivities will begin on July 24, at noon Pacific (GMT-7) and wrap up on July 31, at noon Pacific.

Players who want to dive into some holiday PvP can test their might in the Snowball Arena. Check in with a Wintersday Priest in Ascalon City, Droknar’s Forge, the Great Temple of Balthazar, Kamadan, or Lion’s Arch to be taken to the Arena and try your skills against other players.

You’ll earn Candy Cane Shards in the Arena, which can be traded for Wintersday Gifts from the Wintersday Gift Givers in the Snowball Arena outpost.

The Wintersday in July festival is a week full of fun and games, so bundle up and join us in Guild Wars—we’ll see you there!

Wintersday in July Rewards

In addition to the competition in Snowball Arena, you'll have the chance to collect a variety of seasonal treats by defeating monsters across the world. Some of the special items you might find during the event are:

Frosty Tonic Frosty Tonic
Don't just build a snowman, be a snowman!
Snowman Summoner Snowman Summoner
Need an instant snowman? This gift is for you.
Eggnog Eggnog
Thick, rich, and delicious, it's the holiday season's staple drink.
Fruitcake Fruitcake
Another essential holiday treat that's sure to put a spring in your step.
Candy Cane Shards Candy Cane Shards
Earn these colorful fragments by competing in the Snowball Arena.
Wintersday Gift Wintersday Gift
Earn Candy Cane Shards in the Snowball Arena and trade them in for these special surprises.
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