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Join in the Reverie!

The spirit of adventure is always moving us forward, but it can be difficult to reflect on the journey while you're in motion. It's time to slow down and appreciate where you've been and where you're going. The Wayfarer's Reverie honors the traveler inside, encouraging each of us to revel and revisit. Starting at noon Pacific (-7 GMT) on August 25, the world is yours to explore—again or for the first time. On your feet; this celebration spans the whole globe!

No matter which continent you're on, there's someone to get you started. In Lion's Arch, talk to Festival Coordinator Teron who will send you on a tour of Tyria that covers some of its most troubled and serene locales. In Kaineng Center, Festival Coordinator Tsuru will send you to all four corners of the Empire of the Dragon. Festival Coordinator Khuri waits for you in Kamadan; his quest touches many great wonders of Elona. The Far Shiverpeaks don't have a festival coordinator, but Festival Enthusiast Styr Wolf-Handed is eager to send all brave adventurers on a trip worthy of a Norn.

Should you gather proof of your visits in every land, head to Embark Beach. Fylinn, Sworn to Winds, has special gifts to bestow on the most prolific of travelers.

In addition to the quests, you'll find your wanderings significantly more rewarding as a number of the weekly bonuses will be on throughout the festival. The Extra Luck bonus not only quadruples drops of lockpicks and keys, it doubles your Lucky and Unlucky title points. The Elonian Support bonus brings extra title points for your efforts in the Land of the Golden Sun. Faction Support doubles your title points for exchanging faction while fighting for either the Luxons or Kurzicks. And the Northern Support bonus helps you improve your reputation among the Asura, Deldrimor, Ebon Vanguard, and Norn. You can enjoy all these benefits until noon on September 1 when the journey becomes its own reward once again.

So, march forth. Savor your adventure. Join others in their expeditions. Share in their travels and their tales. May the spirit of the Wayfarer go with you!

Special Festival Items

Travel to every corner of the world to collect these special festival items:

Wayfarer's Mark Wayfarer's Mark
Keep your eyes open for these hotly sought tokens, exchangeable for many treats.
Proof of Flames Proof of Flames
This favor is granted to those who walk the length of Tyria and honor its sacred sites.
Proof of Waves Proof of Waves
Visit the ruins, relics, and wonders of Cantha to lay hands on this souvenir.
Proof of Winds Proof of Winds
Those who scour the Elonian lands will obtain this evidence of their travels.
Proof of Mountains Proof of Mountains
A memento for those who've been from Tyria's depths to the heights of the Far Shiverpeaks.

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