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Welcome to Halloween 2012!

Once a year, Mad King Thorn and his spooky cohort visit the land of mortals for a creepy celebration full of holiday quests, the Costume Brawl PvP event, Halloween-themed guild vs. guild battles, as well as plenty of other tricks and treats!

The frightening festivities begin at noon, Pacific time (GMT -7), on October 19 and run until 1:00 AM on November 2. The main events take place in Lion’s Arch and Kamadan, but you’ll find Halloween décor in outposts all over Tyria.

All Hail the Mad King!

Every year, Mad King Thorn returns to delight and dismay players with his games, jokes, and riddles. Those who participate in the Mad King’s festivities on Halloween take a risk, for the Autumn Lunatic hands out holiday prizes to those who succeed and instant death to those who fail! The Mad King greatly favors those who attentively bask in his radiance during his visit, so keep your wits about you, and you may find yourself in high spirits!

Mad King Thorn appears multiple times on October 31 in both Lion’s Arch and Kamadan, always preceded by his undead heralds and accompanied by his nightmarish entourage. Participate in any of his appearances and you’ll earn a special piece of Halloween headwear!

Enter the Costume Brawl

Suit up and join our PvP Costume Brawl, where you can fight your way to rich rewards, dressed as one of many famous Guild Wars characters. There are dozens of disguises to liven up the deadly fray, and we’ve armed each profession with a new set of skills; be sure to give them all a try! Speak with Bobby [Costume Brawl] in Lion’s Arch, Kamadan, or the Great Temple of Balthazar to get started.

Halloween Quests Galore!

We’re bringing back Halloween quests from years past, so there’s no shortage of fun things to do. Beginning October 24, talk to the candy-coated Mad King’s Steward in Lion’s Arch or Kamadan to begin these quests—if you dare! Be prepared, though, for siding with the Mad King this season may pit you head-to-head with Palawa Joko, the villain everyone loves to hate.

Ghoulish Guild-Versus-Guild

The Halloween spirit has taken hold in guild vs. guild, where we’re swapping out all the NPCs with spooky undead counterparts. Take up arms and join your Halloween Guild Lord, Mad King Thorn, for a pitched battle with extra sweet rewards.

Halloween Accessories!

Each Halloween, you’ll be able to acquire a Ghoulish Accessory Token that can be exchanged for a hat suitable to the occasion or a tonic that will make you the afterlife of any party! Speak with either Gul Terror in Lion’s Arch, or Malavaka in Kamadan to get started.

Halloween Treats

Pick up Halloween treats from the collectors in Kamadan, Lion’s Arch, Henge of Denravi, Ascalon City, Champion’s Dawn, Kodlanu Hamlet, and the Sunspear Great Hall.

Here are some of the tricks and treats available this Halloween!

Witch's Brew Witch's Brew
One sip will set your world spinning 'round and 'round and ‘round...
Absinthe Vial of Absinthe
If you think it burns going down, wait until it engulfs your body in ghoulish flames.
Ghost-in-the-Box Ghost-in-the-Box
Feeling brave? Open this mysterious box to receive a spooky surprise.
Squash Serum Squash Serum
You're out of your gourd if you swallow this potion—though it will give you an immediate replacement.
Transmogrifier Tonic Transmogrifier Tonic
One sip transforms you into the spirit of Halloween itself!
Trick-or-Treat Bag Trick-or-Treat Bag
What's inside? What does it do? Does it taste good? The only way to find out is to earn one and open it up.
Candy Apple Candy Apple
Two treats in one: the apple for good health, the candy for extra energy—or is that the other way around?
Candy Corn Candy Corn
Ride this sugar rush for a 10-minute bump to all your attributes.
Pumpkin Cookie Pumpkin Cookie
Nothing boosts morale like a big orange cookie.

Halloween Costumes!

Capture the gloom and glamour of Halloween by dressing up in costume. The Rainment of the Lich, Lunatic Court Finery, Vale Wraith and Ravenheart Witchwear costumes are just a few of the costumes available from the Guild Wars In-Game Store and the NCsoft Store.

Calendar of Events

Spooky decorations, Halloween treats, creepy new quests, and the Mad King's malevolent games—all this and more await you during the Halloween Festival! Here's a schedule of events:

  • October 19: The Halloween celebration begins at noon, Pacific time! The mood will be set with eerie decorations in the cities of Lion’s Arch and Kamadan and the towns of Droknar’s Forge and the Tomb of the Primeval Kings. Plus, the Costume Brawl starts today!

  • October 24: Halloween quests begin in Lion’s Arch and Kamadan. Pit your skill against the Lunatic Court, delve into the Underworld to take on Dhuum with your allies, or embark on a classic Halloween quest from holidays gone by. Speak with the Mad King’s Steward to begin your adventure!

  • October 31: Mad King Thorn appears every three hours in Lion’s Arch and Kamadan. Participants in the Mad King’s games will receive holiday treats. The better you follow directions, the sweeter the treats will be!

  • November 2: The seasonal festivities conclude at 1:00 AM Pacific time.

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