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Factions Preview Event

Join us the weekend of March 24th for the FactionsTM Preview Event! This will be your first chance to visit the breathtaking continent of Cantha, the newest world of the Guild Wars saga. During the event, you will get the chance to play roleplaying and player-versus-player characters, and to pursue a variety of gameplay options, including story missions, competitive missions, and a new form of PvP called alliance battles!

Your FPE Experience

The Factions Preview Event could begin with your creation of a Factions roleplaying character in an area of Cantha called The Marketplace. There, a series of NPCs will provide you information about the factions of Cantha—The Luxons and the Kurzicks—and will assist you in getting to the capital city of the faction that you choose. Once you arrive in the capital city, you may explore the areas of the world that are opened for this event. You may also undertake the four Factions missions available in the FPE or engage in an exciting new form of PvP, the alliance battle. Here is a bit of information about the mission types that you can experience:

Story Missions: Experience two of the missions that let you participate in the quest to stop the traitor Shiro Tagachi. Visit the outposts for Eternal Grove and Gyala Hatchery to jump right into the storyline!

Competitive Missions: There are two teams within a competitive mission; one each representing the Kurzicks and the Luxons. Getting into the mission is quick and easy: You simply click "Enter Mission" and you automatically are partied with other members of your faction in either Ft. Aspenwood or The Jade Quarry.

Competitive mission objectives vary from mission to mission, but here is an example: The Kurzicks are nearing completion of a new sonic weapon, called the 'Vengeance of the Gods,' that will give them a significant advantage in the war. In the Ft. Aspenwood competitive mission, you will join the Luxons in an attempt to break into the Kurzick fortress and destroy the weapon before it can be completed, or you will join the Kurzicks and attempt to repel the Luxon invasion. Both sides will be competing for control of amber mines, as amber can be used to strengthen fortress defenses, increase the speed at which the Vengeance of the Gods is constructed, or increase the power of the massive siege turtles that the Luxons are using to break into the Kurzick fortress. During the mission, you will encounter members of the opposing faction, as they are trying to take control of the same amber mines.

As with any competitive mission, although you will encounter enemy players, completing these missions relies more heavily upon killing NPC’s or monsters rather than engaging members of the opposing faction in combat. Should you choose to engage the enemy faction, you will find that the gameplay mechanics are different than elsewhere: There is no penalty to those who are slain (no death penalty) and those who die are re-spawned quickly.

Try Alliance Battles!

On the other hand, you might want to bring in your existing PvP characters, or create new ones, to take part in PvP on the Battle Isles. Or you can bring your roleplaying characters to join an alliance battle in Cantha. For alliance battles during the event, your guild will be in its own individual alliance. In the future, naturally your guild will want to ally with others within your faction to create a powerful entity within Cantha. By speaking to your faction ambassador in your capital city, either House zu Heltzer or Cavalon, you can join the battle to help your faction gain control of outposts. The combat is 12 versus 12 consisting of 3 groups of 4 players each playing against one another either collectively or as individual battle squads. The world map will visibly change as alliances conquer more of Cantha with their victories and the winners will be recognized within the game.

A Few More Details:

  • For the Factions Preview Event, your newly-created characters will begin at Level 20.
  • You will start out with 20 skills and will then speak to an NPC to select a secondary profession.
  • Selecting a secondary profession will gain you an additional 20 skills.
  • Your guild must choose a faction—Luxon or Kurzick.
  • You can play four higher-level missions—two story missions and two competitive missions—appropriate for your Level-20 characters.
  • You will be able to experience 15 quest areas.
  • For all Factions roleplaying characters, certain game elements will be inaccessible. These include: guild halls, the Xunlai (storage) Agents, and Battles Isles. Ship travel to and from Cantha will also be disabled during the event. These game elements are locked down to help assure that unfinished or unbalanced items acquired during the event do not impact the game economy in the long term.
  • Challenge missions and elite missions will not be available during the FPE.
  • Item and skill unlocks earned by both your roleplaying and PvP characters during the FPE will remain on your account.
  • After the event, all Factions roleplaying character inventories and levels will be reset in preparation for the launch of Factions.

Additional Info about the FPE Available
If you have questions about the Factions Preview Event, you can find quite a number of answers in our Factions Preview Event FAQ, on this link.

Join Us!
The event begins at 12:01 a.m. Pacific on March 24th and ends at 11:59 p.m. on March 26th. Those times in GMT or UTC translate to 08:01 on 24 March and 7:59 on 27 March. We look forward to seeing you in Cantha!

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