Guild Wars




The Guild Wars Second Birthday Celebration

Happy Birthday to you,
Your toon's turning two,
If you've been with us since the beginning,
We have something special for you.

April 28 marks the two-year anniversary of Guild Wars (original Prophecies campaign) as well as the one-year anniversary of Guild Wars Factions, and what an exciting two years it has been! With three campaigns available and an expansion on the way, Guild Wars has developed into a successful game enjoyed by millions of fans worldwide.

We owe that success to you—our fans. Your loyal support over the last two years has made Guild Wars what it is today, and we'd like to thank you by holding a special birthday celebration in your honor!

The event will take place over the weekend of April 27 to April 29, and will be open to characters from all three campaigns. Come celebrate with us and enjoy a weekend of games, special treats, and birthday surprises!

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Games of Chance and Tests of Skill

What better way to celebrate a birthday than with an outdoor party complete with games, races, and contests to reward both the lucky and skilled among us. Back by popular request, the good citizens of Shing Jea Monastery will re-open their ever-enjoyable Boardwalk—to those who have access to Shing Jea, of course—for the birthday celebration. Whether you seek to increase your Luck or just kick back and have a good time, the games of chance along the Shing Jea Boardwalk will certainly have what you're looking for.

In addition to the mini-games on the Shing Jea Boardwalk, you will also be able to compete at the Dragon Arena and race at the Rollerbeetle Track. These special PvP events will be accessible from Shing Jea Monastery and from the Great Temple of Balthazar. They're sure to be fun for your whole family... of characters.

Get Your Cake... and the Icing, Too

As much fun as you're sure to have racing beetles and battling in the dragon arena, a birthday celebration simply wouldn't be complete without cake! All weekend long, you will find special Birthday Cupcakes during your adventures as well as through ticket exchange on the Boardwalk. Unlike real cupcakes, these special items have some extra qualities that are certain to make you smile. But we doubt these treats will make the vile creatures of Tyria, Cantha, and Elona happy. This is a sugar rush with a vengeance.

The icing on this celebration will be applied on April 28 when the much-anticipated birthday presents arrive for those characters who turn two on that momentous day. Beginning at 12:01 AM PST, players who have characters turning two years old will find a gift in their inventories—one of a new set of miniatures created especially for this birthday celebration. Players who have characters that turn one will receive a wrapped miniature from the set created as presents for the first birthday of Guild Wars. Remember that birthday gifts are given all year 'round, and you will receive your gift on the personal birthday (creation date) of each character on your account.

Finally, you can enjoy your cupcakes and unwrap your gifts under a sky filled with pyrotechnics. Fireworks displays will commence in Kamadan, Shing Jea Monastery, and Lion's Arch every three hours starting at 12:01 AM PST on April 28th. Don't miss this event. Guild Wars only turns two once, and we plan to make the most of the occasion. You should, too!

We would like to thank each and every one of you for your continued support of Guild Wars, and wish you the best of adventures in the coming year! Enjoy your party!

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