Guild Wars




Announcing the Wintersday Art Contest Winners!

For this year’s Wintersday Art Contest, we invited our community to create works of art that represent the winter holiday. Hundreds of talented artists from around the world accepted that invitation and created some stunning seasonal art! Congratulations and thanks to all those who entered this year’s contest!

Please join us in extending our sincere appreciation and warmest holiday wishes to the winners of the 2010 Guild Wars Wintersday Art Contest:

Grand Prize Winner

Henna L. - Finland


Second Place Winner

Koreena Anchalis - USA

Steven R. - USA

Ross G. - USA

Jérémie G. - France

Ivana P. - Serbia

Daniel F. - Germany

Meghann B. - USA

Valour Vanitus - Canada

Verene Sarrasri - USA

Honorable Mentions

Snowy Wolfe - USA Dove - Canada
Kamil J. - United Kingdom Angelus Dimitri - Canada
Mikko P. - Finland Sidney R. - USA
Stephanie B. - Germany Marcel W. - Germany
Nicole M. - USA Porter F. - USA

Note: All judging was done on a "blind judging" basis, where those involved did not know anything about the contestant, including name, location, gender, or age.

Winners: Please allow at least six weeks for receipt of your prize, once you have responded to the email we send you requesting confirmation of your mailing information.