Guild Wars




Guild Wars Mini Mania Contest

November Winners

Thousands of Guild Wars players from throughout North America entered the Mini Mania contest during November. We've drawn the random winners from all eligible entries received through November 30th, and we're pleased to announce their in-game names and their prizes below. Prize miniatures will be emailed to each winner within 10 days.

Player Name Prize Player Name Prize
A Gerbils Fury Zhed Shadowhoof Ageis Jawbreaker Naga Raincaller
Aleit Craedl The Oni Alessia Stoneheart Shiroken Assassin
Alexandria The Mage Longhair Yeti Alistar Sermar Shiroken Assassin
Alysium Fields Shiroken Assassin Anarchy Ownage The Oni
Antisocial Healer The Oni Arthas Menethal Shiroken Assassin
Arthu Temeraire Naga Raincaller Ashe Licra Naga Raincaller
August Gales Naga Raincaller Aurea The Drab Zhed Shadowhoof
Azn D Is Sooo Great Longhair Yeti Azrael The Wanderer The Oni
Ben Graeves Longhair Yeti Beserker Chris Longhair Yeti
Bi Ning Su Longhair Yeti Blades Dancin Shiroken Assassin
Blue Water Moccasin The Oni Bouncy Boy Longhair Yeti
Brell Morrowind Zhed Shadowhoof Brodee Armstrong Zhed Shadowhoof
C M E P Tb Zhed Shadowhoof Cedric Elwinson The Oni
Commander Joe The Oni Curse You Naga Raincaller
D Arth Bane The Oni Dantai Mandrake Shiroken Assassin
Darta Arrowglider Longhair Yeti Dead Solipsist Shiroken Assassin
Demon Legend Sparta Longhair Yeti Dieing Heart Naga Raincaller
Dr Erutrot Longhair Yeti Dr Who Time Lord Longhair Yeti
Dracula Dna King Longhair Yeti Durge Ragnox Shiroken Assassin
Ego Seeker The Oni Ending Peace Zhed Shadowhoof
Exterminator Archer Zhed Shadowhoof Fikes Slayer Naga Raincaller
Fortis Proeliator Naga Raincaller Gala Silverwind Longhair Yeti
Galic Stormcrow Longhair Yeti George Tiger Monk Zhed Shadowhoof
Gods Great Monk The Oni Harbinger Of Pvp Longhair Yeti
Hearic Galahad Shiroken Assassin Hell Raiser Revenge Naga Raincaller
Hellish Highlander Shiroken Assassin Hitokiri Isamu Shiroken Assassin
Honey Mayfeather Shiroken Assassin Houndam Magir Zhed Shadowhoof
Hugo Ingdown Zhed Shadowhoof Il Holy Warrior Il Naga Raincaller
Ixidor Pain Naga Raincaller Jackish Person Shiroken Assassin
Jaz The Protector Naga Raincaller Juri Kitamura Naga Raincaller
Katiana Excellence The Oni Katrina Stormfist Vizu
Kendrick Von Weston Longhair Yeti Killerof Hatred Longhair Yeti
Kira Tikai The Oni Krusher an Idiot QC Naga Raincaller
Kylara BlueFlame Shiroken Assassin Lara Callaghan Zhed Shadowhoof
Larxene Xiii Longhair Yeti Laurana Evergrace Naga Raincaller
Liberal Hippy Longhair Yeti Lil Spirit Goddess Naga Raincaller
Little Riggsy Longhair Yeti Lord Lady Lord The Oni
Lucas Webber Longhair Yeti Lycon Hunter Vizu
Mal Tah The Oni Maleous The Pure The Oni
Maximus Artheus The Oni Mein Amblick The Oni
Milady Death Zhed Shadowhoof Mynor The Wise Naga Raincaller
Nate Martin Naga Raincaller Necro Sensi The Oni
Nick Lightheart Naga Raincaller Nikki Rinblade Naga Raincaller
Ninja Of The Mists The Oni O Captain Mycaptain The Oni
Ragnar Vor Longhair Yeti Raziel Shadowhawk The Oni
Ritualist Ripley Longhair Yeti Runar Brimstrike Longhair Yeti
Sakuya The Sage Longhair Yeti Sasarai Silverberg The Oni
Seekers of Serenity The Oni Shiki Bloodlust Naga Raincaller
Shyness Within Zhed Shadowhoof Sierrena Searloche Naga Raincaller
Silver Dragon Rider Naga Raincaller Skull Valentine Longhair Yeti
Sparhawk Battlemage Vizu Stonyfist Da Strong Longhair Yeti
Summer Raen Naga Raincaller Syi Shadowdancer The Oni
Syruis Machera The Oni Teals Avatar Shiroken Assassin
Terric The Hammer Zhed Shadowhoof Tharkun Greyhame Longhair Yeti
The No Name Terror Longhair Yeti The Purple Dragon Vizu
Theoric Ironbrow The Oni Tienette Cleric The Oni
Tifa Shadowbane Longhair Yeti Unknown Agent Naga Raincaller
Venomaih Pro Naga Raincaller Web Cor Zip Zhed Shadowhoof
Wrain Storm Vizu X Ekelon X The Oni
Xemnas The Warrior Longhair Yeti Yama Kutsine Naga Raincaller
Yuhhi Ichino Naga Raincaller Zaik Pierce The Oni
Zanhir Mitharis Naga Raincaller Zerim Falor The Oni
Zero Slinger Naga Raincaller