Guild Wars




Guild Wars Mini Mania Contest

December Winners

Thousands of Guild Wars players from throughout North America entered the Mini Mania contest during December. We've drawn the random winners from all eligible entries received through December 31st, and we're pleased to announce their in-game names and their prizes below. Prize miniatures will be emailed to each winner within 10 days.

Player Name Prize Player Name Prize
Acidic X Zhed Shadowhoof Aka Fubu Shiroken Assassin
Akelius Kahn The Oni Alyssa Ines Zhed Shadowhoof
Andy Stormblade Shiroken Assassin Artims Lightbane Shiroken Assassin
Banjal Soul Reaper Long-Haired Yeti Bartimaeus Eurynome The Oni
Battle Veteran Shiroken Assassin Beautiful Pain Long-Haired Yeti
Belkar for Barbaria Naga Raincaller Big Blue Steel Vizu
Big Foot Little Vizu Branden The Reaper Shiroken Assassin
Bubbles The Dynasty Long-Haired Yeti Chickens Talon Zhed Shadowhoof
Clive Verdant Naga Raincaller Cloud Beowolf The Oni
Commander Stryker Long-Haired Yeti Conan The Bairban The Oni
D E T H L O K Naga Raincaller Darion Gildalord Long-Haired Yeti
Dark Knight Sparta Long-Haired Yeti Daryan Banobar Long-Haired Yeti
Death Reaping Zero Long-Haired Yeti Devi The Dark Naga Raincaller
Dragon Phantom The Oni Drake Eleric Naga Raincaller
Dreams Infinity Shiroken Assassin Dulcis Natura Zhed Shadowhoof
Durk Of Trueshot Vizu Eden Echoes The Oni
El Gran Oso Blanco Naga Raincaller Fable Darkness Naga Raincaller
Fire Reef Shiroken Assassin Flashing Blades Naga Raincaller
Green Destruct Naga Raincaller Gurdain Forestboy Naga Raincaller
Hallha Akne The Oni Handi Man Naga Raincaller
Helena Taragon Shiroken Assassin Hidden Note Long-Haired Yeti
Hild of Valkyrie Zhed Shadowhoof Hippolyta Scythiana Long-Haired Yeti
Itis Me Luigi Vizu Its Cold Out The Oni
Jade Moon Of Myth Zhed Shadowhoof James Brimstone Shiroken Assassin
Joseph Lark Long-Haired Yeti Jotun Spurr Shiroken Assassin
Kami Flute Naga Raincaller Kamren The Holy Long-Haired Yeti
Kane Zarthrox The Oni Katava Raien Zhed Shadowhoof
Katti Solaris Naga Raincaller Kawaii Tifa Long-Haired Yeti
Kazuma Onikaze The Oni Kilmor Denith The Oni
King Miraz Long-Haired Yeti Kisleaven Of Endor The Oni
Kueen Ofu Chiosu Long-Haired Yeti Kythius Zeregar Naga Raincaller
Leaolin Greentree Long-Haired Yeti Lillith Flame Naga Raincaller
Lithiurn Hearts Zhed Shadowhoof Longshot Aaron Zhed Shadowhoof
Lord Amenote Long-Haired Yeti Lord Antioch Naga Raincaller
Lumia Swiftfoot Naga Raincaller M A L E F I C U S The Oni
Maaya Sakamoto Zhed Shadowhoof Mad Mike Oo Long-Haired Yeti
Mai Jiao Shiroken Assassin Master Zanzib Shiroken Assassin
Melisio Kenway Zhed Shadowhoof Menia Kyu The Oni
Michelle Meyers Shiroken Assassin Mlmmt Death The Oni
Moss Winterglade The Oni Motoko Kinyo Zhed Shadowhoof
Mud Honey Vizu Nevaeh Hha Naga Raincaller
Nykryn Zydonis Naga Raincaller Obsidian One The Oni
Olie Fire Hawk Naga Raincaller One Stunner Naga Raincaller
Onifil Firlock The Oni Persian Sun Long-Haired Yeti
Phantom Curse Long-Haired Yeti Phoenix The Warrior Long-Haired Yeti
Rin Kalkara Naga Raincaller Rob Teh Unknown Long-Haired Yeti
Rufus Tee Firefly The Oni Ryll Ravenscore Naga Raincaller
Sandrel Lan Long-Haired Yeti Saviour Of The Good The Oni
Seth Cornelius The Oni Shadow Player The Oni
Shadow X Wolf Zhed Shadowhoof Sherry Firestarter The Oni
Shin Holy Warrior The Oni Siadena Bloodlust Naga Raincaller
Silence Rules Me Long-Haired Yeti Sir Cain The First The Oni
Sir Toddly Zhed Shadowhoof Sol The Heroic Shiroken Assassin
Strider The Seventh Naga Raincaller Tgc Therebel Naga Raincaller
The Destroyer Kane Naga Raincaller The Unholy Reaver The Oni
Tialara Desari Long-Haired Yeti Tidus Midknight Naga Raincaller
Tor the Elder The Oni Uber Cthulu Long-Haired Yeti
Ulmo San The Oni War Cow Naga Raincaller
Westen Leion Zhed Shadowhoof Wolf Schwarz Mond The Oni
Worm The Great Naga Raincaller X Dark Night Long-Haired Yeti
Xiang The Wise Long-Haired Yeti Xiera the deadly Shiroken Assassin
Yah Yah Ya Long-Haired Yeti Yue Season Long-Haired Yeti
Zaya Sheppard The Oni