Guild Wars




Guild Wars Halloween Art Contest 2007

Hundreds of entries later, after votes, tabulations, a tie-breaker, and much excited discussion, we've determined the winners of the Guild Wars Halloween Art Contest 2007! The seasonal spirit was very evident in the entries and the quality was simply stupendous. The contest rules are here.

Due to the extraordinary number of contest entries—and considering the amount of exceptional art that they presented—we have expanded this year's prize pool. This year, the Guild Wars Team, who served as our judges1, selected a grand prize winner and a total of 10 winners, five each in the Art and Costume categories. Beyond that level, we recognize 20 honorable mentions, and 70 finalists.

All who placed in the contest will be notified by email within the next 10 days, and we will be sending out prize packages2 after we receive the required email confirmation from each of those who placed in the contest.

Thank you to all who entered—your art has made our Halloween holiday spirit even brighter.

Grand Prize

Koreena Anchalis - USA


Doritine Bamboo - Hungary

Dyvim Erhan Rekha - Belgium

Esadha Kephal - USA

Nika Vujic - Slovenia

Nikki Perlot - USA

Noanoa - Finland

Rock Star Allie - USA

Som-Ming Leung - USA

William Ren - USA
Zav - France

Honorable Mentions

Alasadair Devorian - USA

Ariel Neckers - USA

Benjamin Grimonprez - Belgium

Benjamin 'Lunatic' Sironi - France

Brydon Marks - USA

Cryptshade Tumult - USA

Daniel Smith - USA

Darc Sword - USA

Esmyle Curia Tena - Spain

Glissa Wolfblood - England

Grey Fox - England

Kiara Sambre - Belgium

Ko Gal - USA

Lisa Lemke - USA

Madame Donelle - Republic of Ireland

Penguin Knight - Canada

Purple Llama - Canada

Sinister Fantasy - USA

Yikes its Mally - USA

Ziros Death - USA
Adam Lännqvist Sweden
Alexandra Bange Germany
Alexis Lolo USA
Anne ven Hoek The Netherlands
Anthony Papallo USA
Armor of Destiny USA
Baethory Delandir Canada
Beraton Melthak England
Caia Bellona USA
Camaban von Myrtana Germany
Chris Sorensen USA
Christian Jahn Austria
Crystalline Phoenix USA
David Aparicio France
Dementia Doom USA
Demons Carnage USA
Derakk Kos USA
Elia Osek Germany
Fluffy Cotton Candy USA
Galin of Oor USA
Gayle Klar  USA
Green Fried Tomato Canada
Grumf Fruity Franck France
Heike Andresen Germany
Ilia Jdanov Canada
Iris Mortuaris France
Jade Almalexia France
James Hoffard USA
James Smith USA
Jan Elias Slovakia
Jason Salanoa Australia
Ken Dude USA
Kevin Hardesty USA
Lady Cometfish Australia
Logan Knight USA
Lord Yesurian USA
Loredana  Modesti Australia
Luuna Kalevala France
Marie Hoffard USA
Mazter Faze Canada
Melanie Lauterbach Germany
Milton "Jing" Lin USA
Miyuu Aurei Poland
Morbiux Spain
Neeko Noir&Mau Acheron Hungary
Nightshade Special The Netherlands
Odarion The Netherlands
Odin Unger USA
Peter Matthew Fewings England
Piglou France
Princess Tikal  Germany
Rachel Wolfenberg Canada
Rahtschini Mayurat Germany
Rai Cubism Germany
Rhodie Of The Veldt Australia
Robert Kempinski England
Rosenred Mayfair Spain
Sabby Cat New Zealand
Sarah Ford USA
Sascha Dittmar Germany
Saskia Serfling Germany
Schuldig The Red USA
Sokartawi Shakkara The Netherlands
Stefano Cinque Italy
Stephen Burchette USA
Suisei Haruka USA
Syndi Riley USA
Thomas Stoop The Netherlands
Tracey Boyette USA
Tut Ank USA
Zack Reynolds USA

1Note: All judging was done on a "blind judging" basis, where those involved did not know anything about the contestant, including name, location, gender, or age.
2Winners: Please allow at least four weeks for receipt of your prize, once you have responded to the email we send you requesting confirmation of your mailing information.