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Nightfall Guild Emblem Contest Winners

As is our tradition as we prepare for a new game release, we invited players from around the world to provide us with their ideas for exciting new guild emblems, particularly those with the new game's theme, region, or story in mind. During the month of August and September, gamers submitted their entries in the Nightfall Guild Emblem Contest, and from those wonderful submissions, more than a dozen winners and ten honorable mentions were selected.

The Nightfall Guild Emblem Contest drew a large number of entries—from cities in Asia, villages in Europe, and towns in North America. The final emblems will be incorporated into the game in the weeks following the release of Guild Wars Nightfall. That will make them available to all Guild Wars players, no matter the campaigns that they may be playing, no matter their location. And at sometime in the future, the honorable mention entries just might make their way into the game, too, you never know!

We are pleased to display the entries that placed in the contest, and thank the many hundreds of players for sharing their creativity and love of Guild Wars with us.


Entry Name Location
"Jade Mooncat" Belgium
Janne Koivu Finland
Dmitry "Sciros Darkblade" Sharkov USA
"Fairy Guardian" Canada
Andy Lee Taiwan
Shawn Franklin USA
"Luac Agwayen" Germany
"Yakarryoff Mebooty" USA
Michio Katou Japan
Rosary Layne USA
"Jack Rackham" England
Matt Coopersmith USA
Isabeau Suro USA


Entry Name Location
Angelica Liata Australia
Shadow Tob Canada
Monkey of War England
Velvet Darkshadow [SoF] USA
Ryunosuke Miura Japan
David "Mica Balaam" Tompkins USA
Shatiel De Raven Germany
Harry Lee Taiwan
Amanda "Seren Nightheart" Woods USA
Makoto Nitta Japan
(You may be interested in reading the rules pages for the contest. For a historical view, you can view the archived winners pages for our Prophecies and Factions Guild Emblem Contests, too.)