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Guild Wars
Design-A-Weapon Contest
Winner Announcement

The 2007 Design-A-Weapon Contest was the most popular Guild Wars contest ever! We received well over a thousand entries in the contest, and the Dev Team agrees that the quality of the art and the concepts is simply amazing—the best fan art we've ever seen. In the coming months, the player designs selected by the judges will serve as inspiration to the Guild Wars Art Team for the creation of new weapons, shields, focus items, and more! [You can find the original contest rules page here.]

About the Judging

From the more than 1,000 entries, through multiple levels of judging, approximately 100 concepts were selected as finalist entries. Then, the entire Guild Wars Development Team judged the finalists. Eleven concepts were selected as winners, and those concepts will be the basis for new items that will be added to the game in the upcoming months. Another fourteen item concepts were selected as Honorable Mentions, and it is possible that those concepts may also become items in the future. In two instances, design concepts from multiple contestants were combined to form a single entry for judging and those combined concepts would be used as the basis for one new item, although each of those contestants will receive a prize.

More prizes! More recognition!

Because the quality of the entries was so high, we've decided to change the prize schedule to recognize even more Guild Wars fans, and to give them the credit—and the loot!—that they so richly deserve. Here is the new prize list:

Winners: Each of the eleven winners will receive their choice of a copy of Guild Wars Nightfall (standard edition) signed by the Guild Wars Development Team or a full set of Guild Wars Skill Pin Set #1 or a PvP Unlock Pack. In addition, each winner will receive a Guild Wars Nightfall t-shirt and a code for a Guild Wars character slot, if character slots are available in their location.

Honorable Mentions: Each of the seventeen honorable mention recipients will receive A Guild Wars Nightfall t-shirt and a Guild Wars character slot and Two (2) random Guild Wars Skill Pins

Finalists: Each of the seventy-nine Finalists will receive two random Guild Wars Skill Pins.

The Winners

Entry Name Location
Anthony Lopes USA
Caroline Coronel USA
Li Li China
Zane Bryan USA
Andre Roux USA
Rebecca Sinclair Canada
Marcus Camprechf Germany
Ben Chaney USA
Kura Jorma Finland
Michael Chang USA
Deivis Slavinskas United Kingdom

The Honorable Mentions

Honorable Mentions
Entry Name Location
Fengzhijun China
Findur Calenardhon Germany
Maho Rit France
Jesus Garcia Menendez Spain
Metra Japan
Tony Hoei United States

Venus Aridia
Apache Queen Raven
Jesus Galan Coronado Spain
Shannon Novak New Zealand
Todd Harry USA
Camaban Von Myrtana Germany
Prizren Brespapaj Switzerland
Alexander (Minze) Thümler Germany

Lucy Bell
Landon Carroll
Nymph of Meliai
United Kingdom

The Finalists

Name Location
Aaron Dietrich USA
actionjack USA
André Scollick Germany
Andrew Everitt England
Aps France
Ayashi no Ceress France
Basonim Scoslett Germany
Casey Withers USA
Cason Germany
Christian Chapelle France
Christian Jahn Austria
Chuker Sokhara France
Cyriel Breissen Holland
Dennis Kelley USA
Dracia Anderson Germany
Edgar Holzem Germany
Emanuel Schütz Germany
Esa Melune Germany
Fire Salamander Belgium
Flower Power France
Frédéric Miquel France
Gao Mingming Yang USA
Gunner Matz Germany
Hao Cai China
I Tay Trefenwyd I Switzerland
Its Harvest Time USA
リール Japan
Jason Bishop USA
Jennifer Hunt USA
Jesus Garcia Fernandez Spain
Jianhao Hoo China
Julien Rousseau France
Kii Mii France
Lamees Ghaznawi USA
Lucyma Dudo Poland
Madat World USA
Magorian the Black Italy
Marc-Till Wildan Germany
Marie Angel France
Mark Allison Germany
Name Location
Marko Cvetkovic Serbia
Martina Heinonen Sweden
Mauro Mazzerelli Italy
Nadia Morales Perez Spain
Nastassja Benesch Austria
Patrizia Crimi Italy
Ping Xu China
Pitch Saralamba Australia
Rebecca "BeXoR" Irwin Australia
Rebein Alexander Germany
Rising Black Sun Germany
Robin Molde England
Roland Opatz Germany
Ross Kasher USA
Sebastien Guichard France
Sergio Santillana Cabanillas Spain
Stady One Germany
Starr The Insane USA
Stephanie Winkler Germany
Sun Lifeng China
Suria Lightbringer Hungary
Susann Vollrath The Netherlands
Thomas Klieber Germany
Thomas Mason England
Tzu Guo Tin France
Velvet Valour United Kingdom
Vir Gin Jui Germany
Wang Cheng China
Willi Vetsch Switzerland
Wilwariu Aeressea Spain
Wu Fan China
Xaek I Spain
Xander Delano Canada
Xiaohui Xing China
Xx Eluch Nekro xX Germany
Yanbin Liu China
Yao Yu Zhong China
Yupeng Ding China
Zhiwei Fan China