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Guild Wars Contest FAQ

We occasionally get questions about our contests. Here are some answers to the questions that Guild Wars fans have asked more often:

Some contests allow electronic entry, some do not. Why?

We try to offer a variety of opportunities for players to join our various contests. Some contests offer the option of an electronic entry. However, the sheer volume of entries in certain contests—particularly those that are related to art—makes accepting electronic entries impossible. This is because the process of judging entries is much more difficult and time-consuming with electronic entries. We usually have three or four levels of judging, and working with physical copies of art entries makes that process much more efficient. So the reason that we require entries from certain contests be mailed to one of several addresses is to aid in fair and thorough judging of the entries. We do offer multiple addresses for the submission of entries, so that the costs of mailing are minimized. And we will do our best to offer occasional contests that allow electronic entry.

How many entries can I submit?

If the rules do not state a limit, you may submit multiple entries, but be aware that no household will receive more than one prize, and no individual will have more than one entry sent to the second level of judging. In contests such as our Design-A-Weapon Contests—where there are many different opportunities for design (shields, weapons, focus items)—we understand that there may be a natural desire to send more than one entry. Therefore, we are willing to accept multiples in this contest. In other contests, such as the Brand the Bosses contest, we specify "one entry per person," and should we receive multiple entries from an individual, that individual will be disqualified.

If I am sending multiple entries in contests that allow multiples, can I send them together to save postage?

Yes, certainly you may.

If I am sending an original piece of art, is there a restriction on what media I can use to create the art? Will you accept a print of computer-generated art?

We want everyone to feel free to enter our contests, when eligible, and in order to encourage that, we will accept all kinds of original art. This includes prints of your original computer-generated art. Do be aware that our requirements for originality are strict, and that there is more room for question concerning the originality of a piece of art when it is based on computer-generated art. We reserve the right to disqualify art if its originality comes into question during judging.

Why are the rules so long?

The rules are reviewed and approved by local legal counsel, to assure that we are following the laws of the regions in which the contest is offered. If the rules page grows with each contest that ArenaNet offers, that would most likely be due to the fact that we are trying to reach out to include people from more countries with each contest. Therefore, the rules may grow to accommodate the laws of those additional countries or regions.

Why are there regional eligibility restrictions? Why can't I enter from [country] or [region]?

While we would very much like to offer a contest in every country and region in the world, the reality is that we are only able to offer contests and award prizes in countries or regions in which we have had a legal review of the contest rules. Legal reviews are both time-consuming and expensive, and we are not able to conduct reviews in all of the countries in which Guild Wars is played. Nor are we willing to undertake the waiting periods or pay the fees that some countries, states, or provinces demand. This explains the "exceptions" or the restrictions on eligibility.

Why are residents of Quebec ineligible to enter the contest?

Canada has unique laws for the Province of Quebec, and those laws preclude residents of Quebec from entering contests of this nature without the sponsor paying fees and undergoing a waiting period. We are not able to accommodate those requirements and therefore are forced to exclude Quebec residents, with regret. For more information, you may read the pages provided by the Province of Quebec in English and French.

Why do Canadians have to answer a math question?

This is a requirement for contests in Canada. See this page for unofficial information.

If U.S. residents are eligible, why can't those from [a specific state, county, or city] take part in this contest?

Just like Canada, above, there are legal restrictions concerning contests that prevent us from offering some contest opportunities in certain areas. This page provides additional, unofficial information.

What does "Void where prohibited" mean?

It is the responsibility of all contestants to be aware of local law, and to know whether the area of which they are a resident that has municipal, regional, or national laws prohibiting participation in our contest. While we do cite areas about which we're familiar—such as Canada and Rhode Island—the final determination of whether to enter or not is the responsibility of the individual contestant.

What do the US eligibility restrictions mean? Are deployed servicepersons eligible to enter?

According to our legal counsel, your legal residency is indicated by where you are registered to vote. So if you're a California resident deployed in Iraq, you are eligible to participate in the contest because your residency is California, and Californians are eligible to participate in the contest.

Can I relay a contest entry through a third party in order to skirt the eligibility rules?

No. Each entry must be the unique property of the person who enters and prizes can be sent only to the entrant.

Why are European contestants between ages 13 and 18 required to enter through their parent?

There are legal restrictions on contests in Europe that require that Europeans in that age group enter through one of their parents or guardians. Credit can be given to the artist, rather than the parent, if that preference is indicated on the entry itself.

Can I enter your contests if I am under the age of 13?

With regret, those under 13 may not enter, again for legal reasons.

Can you give details on the next fan contest?

That's a secret.

Updated 29 May 2007