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Zaishen Rewards

The Zaishen Rewards system, introduced in May 2008, rewards players who participate in the Guild Wars Tournament Series with various special in-game prizes and items.

Zaishen Title Track

Every time you open a Zaishen Chest, you gain five Reputation Points. These points are applied to the Zaishen Title, which is account-based. You can buy a Zaishen Key from Tolkano for either 5,000 Balthazar Faction or five Tournament Reward Points, which you can earn from participating in monthly tournaments.

Rank Reputation Points Needed Title Name
1 250 Zaishen Supporter
2 500 Friend of the Zaishen
3 1000 Companion of the Zaishen
4 1680 Ally of the Zaishen
5 2800 Sentinel of the Zaishen
6 4660 Steward of the Zaishen
7 7750 Defender of the Zaishen
8 12960 Warden of the Zaishen
9 21600 Bastion of the Zaishen
10 36000 Champion of the Zaishen
11 60000 Hero of the Zaishen
12 100000 Legendary Hero of the Zaishen

New Zaishen Chest Rewards

In the first scheduled update of every month, one new flavor of the ever-popular transmogrifier tonics will be added to the Zaishen Chest, replacing the tonic from the month before. These special tonics, usable only in outposts and towns, will transform your character into the embodiment of that particular potion.

Open the chest for a chance to find one of these special tonics. If you're very lucky, you may even find an Everlasting tonic. These super rare variations have infinite uses, so they'll never run out.

For an up-to-date listing of the tonics currently available, see our Zaishen Rewards Calendar. Is there a tonic from a previous month that you just can't live without? Don't worry! The tonic schedule will repeat each year, so if you've missed one of your favorites, simply wait for the Zaishen Chest to carry it again.

Zaishen Rank Emotes

For each Rank you have on the Zaishen Title track, you will get a special emote that shows off your Title. To display your emote, just type /zaishen or /zrank. When you type in the emote command, the weapons listed below will dramatically fall from the sky and embed themselves into the ground in front of you. The Zaishen Rank emotes were created to be very interactive. For example, if you position yourself correctly, you can use it as a finishing move after you defeat someone!

Rank Emote
1 Copper Spear
2 Silver Spear
3 Golden Spear
4 Golden Spear + Copper Hammer
5 Golden Spear + Silver Hammer
6 Golden Spear + Golden Hammer
7 Golden Spear + Golden Hammer + Copper Axe
8 Golden Spear + Golden Hammer + Silver Axe
9 Golden Spear + Golden Hammer + Golden Axe
10 Golden Spear + Golden Hammer + Golden Axe + Copper Sword
11 Golden Spear + Golden Hammer + Golden Axe + Silver Sword
12 Golden Spear + Golden Hammer + Golden Axe + Golden Sword

Zaishen Rank 1

Zaishen Rank 2

Zaishen Rank 3

Zaishen Rank 5

Zaishen Rank 7