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2006 Guild Wars World Champions
The Last Pride (EvIL)

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EvIL Wins!

Congratulations to The Last Pride!

The ArenaNet Team, NC Taiwan, and the entire NCsoft family congratulate The Last Pride on their victory in the Guild Wars World Championship. The Last Pride showed excellent gameplay during their games and earned themselves a well-deserved place in history with their victory.

The first match between EvIL and WM was a heated match that involved massive amounts of fighting at the Flag Stand and numerous slaughters of Monks. The battle was close early on, with the fight switching from The Last Pride's base to the Flag Stand, and eventually to War Machine's front door. As the fight wore on, EvIL began to gain ground at a steady pace, and stormed into WM's base, taking down their Guild Lord for the win just past the 25 minute mark.

The second battle between The Last Pride and War Machine proved to be even more pitched than the first. For War Machine, everything was on the line here - and they fought fiercely to come back from their previous loss. The Last Pride, propelled by their victory, continued to play strongly. Despite War Machine's best efforts, they could not keep up with EvIL's onslaught. EvIL pushed into War Machine's base and executed their Guild Lord, bringing the match to an authoritative close at 25:47.


Guild Wars 2006 World Championship Features Index

New Guild Rewards Unveiled 9 March 2006

At the conclusion of the recent Guild War Ladder "fun season," awards were given to the top eight guilds. You can learn about those new rewards—a permanent feature of the Guild Wars Championship—and you can check out a few screenshots, too, on this page.

Guild Wars Guilds Interviewed 2 March 2006

Two of the guilds who participated in the Guild Wars World Championship have completed a post-show interview, which we have added to the GWWC Section. Click through to find the interviews by Idiot Savants and Lamer's Ultimate Majority.

The Last Pride Wins Taipei Challenge 20 February 2006

The Last Pride, newly-crowned Guild Wars World Champions, played the winner of the Taiwan Regional Playoffs in the Taipei Challenge, which took place on the final day of the Guild Wars event. The Taiwan Regional Playoff Champion is a Hong Kong guild called Mission Impossible, already a fixture on the Guild Wars Ladder. The Last Pride claimed victory in the Taipei Challenge, but not without an impressive fight by the Taiwan Regional Winners. Congratulations to The Last Pride and to the Taiwan Regional Champion for a fine challenge match!

Last Pride Wins Guild Wars World Championship! 18 February 2006

The second match between defending champion War Machine and top rated guild EvIL began with EvIL having the home field advantage, and their selecting Warrior Isle for the map. War Machine split, sending one force with the Guild Thief out the side door up to EvIL's back door. EvIL split, too, and attacked the back door of War Machine's base. At 1:10, War Machine was already all the way up inside EvIL's base, working on NPCs. At 1:20 they took down one Archer. At 1:35 they took down a second.

Last Pride Wins Game #1 in Finals 18 February 2006

The 1st game of the Guild Wars World Championship started with The Last Pride (EvIL) challenging the Korean Regional Champion, War Machine (WM). The map for the first game took place on the Frozen Isle map. At the start of the game, both teams pushed towards the Flag Stand. War Machine immediately did its normal 4 and 4 split, but EvIL's entire team pushed towards the flags.

Taiwan vs. Hong Kong in Exhibition Match 18 February 2006

Teams from Taiwan and Hong Kong met in an exhibition match on stage at the Taipei Game Show. Both teams ran an IWAY build. Both teams headed directly to the center and there was an extended period of fighting, after which Hong Kong took the advantage.

Last Pride Wins Match #4 17 February 2006

The second game took place on EvIL's map; EvIL selected the Frozen Isle map to execute their split strategy. As the game started, iQ headed straight to the center and then pushed for some early NPC kills. iQ took down one Archer, and EviL fell back to fight.

EvIL Takes First Game 17 February 2006

As the match began, both teams rushed towards the Flag Stand and started a direct assault. In a full out battle, The Last Pride (EvIL) took an early lead by killing two Idiot Savant (iQ) players at the 1 minute mark, and 2 more shortly later. iQ resurrected and dove right back into the fray. They tried some strong Gale locks but couldn't get a kill.

War Machine Wins Hard-Fought Match #3 17 February 2006
The second game of the match was played in LuM's guild hall, the Burning Isle, which presented a disadvantage to War Machine since their split-team strategy is difficult to execute on this map. Both teams ran to the center, but War Machine pushed past LuM and forced them back towards their base.
War Machine Comeback in Close Match 17 February 2006
At the beginning of the game, WM pushed into LuM's base using the back door. LuM retreated back into their base using the front door, from which they had earlier exited, and surrounded WM and proceeded to kill three of four of them. After that both teams attacked the Flag Stand in the center and each inflicted heavy casualties on the other team.
EviL Wins Match 2 16 February 2006

The Valandor tried a risky move, with splitting their team before 2 minutes had elapsed in the game. EviL responded by capitalizing on Val's reduced numbers and pushed through the front door, forcing Val to regroup. EviL was able to beat them in a straight-up fight, and pushed through to victory at about the 8 minute mark.

EviL Wins 1st Game 16 February 2006

The Last Pride (EviL) won the first game of the Match 2 of the GWWC. It was a well-fought match, with a lot of back and forth and not a single death until the 13-minute mark.

At that point, EviL made a good push and dropped both of Val's Monks. EviL then continued the push and killed a few of the NPC's in Val's base. Val ressed and pushed EviL out of the base, resulting in more combat just outside of Val's base. EviL got a series of good kills, pushed into the base, and killed the Guild Lord at about the 22 minute mark.

LuM Claims Victory in Match No. 1 16 February 2006

After a short period between games for guild discussion of builds and strategy, both LuM and Te swapped out builds for the final game of Match No. 1. Te went with a spike build using a large number of Mesmers, and LuM was able to counter the build quickly. At 9:30, LuM took the victory, which moves them on to the next level of the competition, where they will face War Machine in Round 3, which takes place tomorrow.

Te Wins Second Game 16 February 2006

Treacherous Empire claims victory just minutes past the VoD mark in the second game of the match. Te was running a heavy Degen build and put constant pressure on LuM the whole game. LuM retreated back to their base and went into a defensive posture, but took heavy losses at the mid-point in the match. LuM tried to make some pushes, but never was able to get solid grounding, and Te crushed them at about the 33-minute mark.

1st Match Game 1 Report 16 February 2006

LuM took a victory in the initial match of the GWWC after a comeback at the Victory or Death point. After suffering a deficit in Morale for the entire match, VoD served as the turning point in the tides of this battle. At the 35 minute mark, as the Guild Lord rushed the center, LuM massed their attack on the Guild Lord, brining the match to an end at about 38 minutes.

For all matches, the 9th spot on each team is filled by our referees, who are actively viewing each match to assure that everything is progressing appropriately, and are there to provide the camera for those observing the match live on the big screen.

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Playoffs: Match Reports

American Playoffs
Round 3: Match 9 Idiot Savants vs. Treacherous Empire
Round 3: Match 8 Eternum Pariah (1) vs. Idiot Savants
Round 2: Match 7 Girls on Top vs. Treacherous Empire
Round 2: Match 6 Patient Relaxed People vs Eternum Pariah
Round 2: Match 5 Servite Nostrum Animus vs. Treacherous Empire
Round 2: Match 4 Girls on Top vs. Temporal Threshold
Round 2: Match 3 Idiot Savants vs. Ectos & Shards
Round 1: Match 2 Servite Nostrum Animus vs. Legion of Losers
Round 1: Match 1 Patient Relaxed People vs. Xen of the Onslaught Ladder

European Playoffs
Round 3: Match 8 Lamers Ultimate Majority vs. Esoteric Warriors
Round 2: Match 7 RUS Corp vs. The Valandor
Round 2: Match 6 Necro Raiders vs. Esoteric Warriors
Round 2: Match 5 The Tactic Fabric vs. The Valandor
Round 2: Match 4 Immortal Legio vs. Rus Corp
Round 2: Match 3 Lamer's Ultimate Majority vs. Grim Monolith
Round 1: Match 2 Expect the Unexpected vs. Necro Raiders
Round 1: Match 1 The Tactic Fabric vs. Revoltados Multigaming Clan

Korean Playoffs
Round 1: Match 4 War Machine vs. Team Union
Round 1: Match 2 Clan Zpzg vs. One
Round 1: Match 1 Team Union vs. The Arirang