Guild Wars




PvP Primer Introduction

The PvP Primer article series serves as an introduction to new PvP players. From the very basic process of creating a PvP-only character to game mechanics and more, these articles explore and explain the many elements of Guild Wars PvP. Intended as timeless and stable so that anyone at anytime can jump in to the first article and start learning PvP, we also check content periodically and update it when necessary. While PvP does have its consistency, it also has an evolving and dynamic "metagame" (see the State of the Game article series for information on the current and historical metagame). The metagame changes in response to game balance updates, new content releases, and constant play within the PvP community at large. Such an atmosphere necessitates review of published articles to keep information relevant for new players.

Note that these articles are in reverse chronological order, with the most recently published appearing at the top of the list.