The Dragon Festival Returns

As many of you may recall, a series of demonic attacks nearly ruined last year's Dragon Festival. Luckily, the valiant acts of countless heroes destroyed the dark source of these attacks and relative peace and tranquility was restored to Shing Jea.

In commemoration of the epic struggle that took place during last year's Dragon Festival, Emperor Kisu has called for an authentic reproduction of the event, and has proclaimed that this year's festival shall commemorate the endurance and strength of the entire Canthan empire.

Actors from across the land have been hired to portray the vile demons who desecrated the sacred lands of Shing Jea last year. The emperor has proclaimed this re-enactment shall be as authentic as possible, so the actors have even been trained to fight in the same manner as the wicked beasts! As these are method actors, participants should expect no mercy during the dramatic recreations.

Along with these re-enactments, other, more positive festival activities will also return, which should delight many festival goers. The Shing Jea Boardwalk, Dragon Arena, Dragon Nest, and Rollerbeetle Races will all run during the entire course of the event, giving citizens a chance to test their luck and skill. The Dragon Nest, Dragon Arena, and Rollerbeetle Races will all grant victory tokens, which can then be redeemed for a special prize: the Demon Mask.

A number of small treats can also be purchased for gold or obtained as festival prizes during the event. Festival prizes can be obtained by exchanging 25 festival tickets, and may contain a bottle of rice wine, a red bean cake, 5 victory tokens, 1,000 gold, or, if you are most unfortunate, nothing at all.

The celebration begins Friday and will continue throughout the weekend. I hope to see you there!

Random Acts of Kindness

While traveling the lands preparing for the upcoming Dragon Festival, I came across many kind souls worthy of note.

In the Istani port of Kamadan, Luyza O instructed a new Sunspear recruit on how to acquire new skills and also gave a Warrior sound advice regarding his secondary profession. Telmazar Banor shared a wise suggestion concerning the acquisition of special skills from the Luxon and Kurzick factions.

After traveling the sea to Kaineng Center, I noticed Vampiric Lycan sharing the best locations to search for valuable items with those less experienced in such matters. After a short errand on the Canthan mainland, I set out for the Battle Isles. In the Random Arenas, Casting Around showed good sportsmanship to both his allies and to his opponents. Heroes' Ascent also had its share of respectful combatants, including Kelvin Lord Pt, Alia D Arrakis, and I Pink Alter I.

Darkkon Slayer aided Ascalon's struggle against the Charr by offering advice and help to new recruits. The Blazing Sage also gave assistance by offering free guide services to Piken Square. Fez Meister gave away bottles of dye in Ascalon City so newcomers could customize the look of their armor and equipment.

In the Temple of the Ages, Stealth Avitar offered free help to anyone in need of assistance. Such kindness is fitting for that sacred temple, and the gods were no doubt pleased by his actions.

Blessings to all who make our world a better place. May the spirit of giving and the warm presence of kindness be present during the upcoming celebration as well!