Ships Set Sail for Elona

Chaos dominated the bustling ports of Cantha and Tyria this week as families said their last farewells to loved ones boarding one of the hundreds of ships due to sail to Elona. The adventurers crowding aboard the vessels are answering the call for aid from the illustrious Sunspears, who have developed a widespread feeling of inexorable doom in the face of unknown threats looming on their horizon. Even I, your humble Scribe, write this while waiting to board my own transport amongst the bustling traffic in the Kaineng Docks.

Our fate will be the same as that of Elona, and we will gladly spill our blood on the fields of their beautiful land if that should aid in the struggle against tyranny and evil.

Travel on such a massive scale has not been seen since Cantha sent a plea for aid to their Tyrian neighbors months ago, when Shiro Tagachi returned from the mists of the Underworld to unleash his evil upon that island nation. Now many of the same heroes who foiled Shiro—and earlier denied the Undead Lich his fulfillment of the Flame Seeker Prophecies—are making their way to Elona, driven to protect the innocent however possible.

In grim determination, the Sunspears are bracing for the upcoming struggles, exhausting all possible options. Besides building quarters for the foreign veterans of Tyria and Cantha, the Sunspears are preparing a training program for an influx of new, untrained recruits. Perhaps the troubles will turn out to be nothing more than a corsair plot. If that is the case, the task of this large force shall be easy. Unfortunately, most of the scholars and priests of Elona are forewarning of a much more sinister—and much more dangerous—foe, one that will present a terrible challenge for the Sunspears, even with the aid of their Canthan and Tyrian neighbors.

One thing is clear: Tyria and Cantha will not abandon their friends to the east. Whatever foes present themselves, no matter how powerful or how dangerous they may be, those enemies face the combined might of all our nations. We fight as one, and we will either save Elona, or die trying.

May the gods watch over and guide those who defend the land of Elona!

Halloween is In the Air

A heavy fog is enfolding the land of Tyria like a cold, damp quilt. Merchants sailing the sea between Tyria and Cantha have reported eerie shrieks echoing over the waves. The cause is indisputable: Halloween is coming.

Many citizens are questioning their sanity as they see and hear seemingly impossible things. The armor crafter in Lion's Arch swears he caught the moon smiling at him out of the corner of his eye, but upon further examination, noticed nothing out of the ordinary. One of the Lionsguard had to be relieved of duty because he became convinced a ghoulish beast was stalking him as he patrolled Lion's Arch. Merchant ships are approaching their port of call with what seem to be spirits hovering around the mast of the vessel, but once the ship breaks through the fog, the apparitions float off into the night.

All of the signs confirm the imminent arrival of Mad King Thorn. Earlier speculations are holding true, and the Mad King is expected to make his way into Lion's Arch within the next few days. He will no doubt bring the same tricks and treats that made last year's Halloween such a spectacle and, perhaps, some new ones as well.

There is also some exciting news for the many brave adventures heading to Elona within the next few days. Apparently the Mad King got word of the mass migration, for my sources in Elona have reported similar unsettling disturbances off the coast of Istan. At first these strange happenings were passed off as corsair tricks designed to confuse merchants and make them easier targets for raids. However, once Koss himself began reporting odd occurrences for which no mortal could be responsible, it was clear that the Mad King is indeed planning on visiting Kamadan this upcoming weekend.

Make haste to one of the Mad King's party locations! Just take care, for as he made abundantly clear last year, his jokes have a tendency to slay the audience. Whether that is a testament to his wit, or not, is a source of debate...

Random Acts of Kindness

This week I have been preparing myself for an extended trip to Elona. While gathering my supplies and items from different locations, I was also able to note various acts of generosity and kindness.

In my beautiful abode within the Shing Jea Monastery, amongst the hundreds of citizens enjoying the carnival games, I saw a fine patron named Reb The Brave hosting his own trivia game and rewarding game tickets to the winners. Creating his own means to get involved in the event was a fine way to make the event even more fun than it already was! Also, Z The Insane was handing out tickets and bean cakes for those taking part in the Dragon Nest game. Such kindness made leaving my wonderful island home that much more difficult.

Taking a quick break from my packing and preparation, I stopped by the Battle Isles to keep my skills tuned and my mind sharp. While battling my way to the Hall of Heroes, I came across a guild known as Dawn Of The Phoenix [DPX]. They showed exemplary honor on the battlefield, and fought with both pride and respect for their opponents.

Making my way to mainland Cantha, I stopped in Cavalon to gather some Jadite. There I saw Nat Longshot and Dealer Of The Cards offering passage to The Deep. Their alliance works hard for the honor of holding Cavalon, and both citizens are a testament to their guild's nobility, which they show by sharing the rewards associated with that honor with the masses.

On my way to the docks to set sail to Elona, I saw a fellow traveler trying to find a ship sailing to Lion's Arch. Wolf Nova lead him in the right direction, helping the would-be traveler make the scheduled departure, for which he was quite appreciative.

Last night in Shing Jea Monastery, a noble citizen by the name of Sister of Divinity alerted the authorities about a counterfeiting ring, enabling those in charge to put an end to certain nefarious activities. This quick action helped end a situation that could have had disastrous economic repercussions for all citizens. We are most grateful for this assistance, kind Sister!

Thank you all for making the last days before my trip quite enjoyable. I will, of course, keep my eyes open and my quill ready in Elona, and continue traveling through Cantha and Tyria to record kind acts in the future.