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Guild Wars Community Fansite Kit

ArenaNet is pleased to provide fansite creators with a variety of materials to help create a top-notch fansite. We offer an expanding list of materials, and welcome fansite creators' suggestions on expanding the Fansite Kit content. Just drop a line to Gaile Gray, our Community Relations Manager, and we'll see what we can do to expand the selections here.

Please note that the fonts used on our website for such elements as the Guild Wars logo are custom designed, and we are unable to provide a font name for use. In addition, we ask that any unique art assets not in the Fansite Kit, such as section headlines, nav bar, borders or other customized art elements, be approved by us before they are used anywhere off our site.

For information about the appropriate and approved use of any Guild Wars assets, please read our Terms of Use and the Copyright Page.

Guild Wars: Eye of the North Assets
Guild Wars: Eye of the North Lore Assets
Guild Wars Nightfall Assets: This section contains screenshots as well as concept art from Guild Wars Nightfall.
Guild Wars Factions Assets: This section contains screenshots as well as concept art from Guild Wars Factions.

Skill Icon Sets: This section contains icons and other graphical images related to characters.

Screenshot Archives: Screenshots offered are from December 2003 to the present. We update the Fansite Kit regularly, so check the index page often for the latest images provided in zipped form.

Concept Artwork: Illustrations and explorations of the Guild Wars world.

Logos: The Guild Wars and ArenaNet logos as well as the ESRB Teen logo, in a variety of sizes.