Guild Wars




Guild Wars Team Receives
Unprecedented Gift from Fans

The first package arrived on Wednesday. It was bulky and surprisingly heavy. Intrigued, we subjected the parcel to a little preliminary shaking and rattling. The contents within the box rustled agreeably in response. Then, using a secret Divination skill known as "Gift Intuition," we inferred that within the carton's depths were "lots of interesting objects of various shapes and sizes, all enclosed in crinkly wrappers." (Yes, that's some skill! :) )

The enclosure note read:
Thank you so much for all the hard work this past year.
From your fans and the Guild Wars fansites.

We unwrapped the parcel in the Community Team office, and lo! A wondrous basket was revealed, containing cookies, brownies, chocolates, cakes, and other treats numbering, surely, in the hundreds!

The second parcel arrived on Friday. Smaller than the first, it still retained that solid and hefty feeling. "Gift Intuition" revealed nothing; this package was tightly packed! Removing the bubble wrap, the interior box, and the custom-cut foam packaging, we discovered a beautiful slate plaque, carved with a thoughtful message and signed on behalf of many hundreds of fans by more than a dozen of our fansites.

The plaque read:
Thank you for a great gaming year. Congratulations on the new release!
From all your fans and:, Guild Wars Hungarian
Arena, Guild Wars Info,,,,,,,,,,

Requiring no excuse to partake in an impromptu party on the day of release for Guild Wars Factions, we took the goodies outside for a quick photo shoot, headed back into the lunch room, and dove into the treats.


The entire Guild Wars Team wants to express our deep appreciation to all the fans and fansites who were involved in this extraordinary project. We're honored to be the recipients of so much generosity and such warm expressions of support and thoughtfulness.


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