Storage Upgrades
After months of hard work, we're proud to offer you these new ways to increase your storage:
  • Equipment Packs in assorted sizes, designed solely to hold weapons and armor (gear).
  • Every character will get a fifth slot for an Equipment Pack.
  • More purchasable Xunlai Storage panes (tabs).
  • Each pane is $9.99 USD from the in-game store or the NCsoft Store. You can buy up to four of them for a single account.

Free Storage Pane Giveaway

Lastly, to celebrate our anniversary, we have a limited-time offer where you can get a FREE pane of Xunlai Storage. This promotion is the ONLY way to get this special pane; it is extra, which means you can't buy it later. For more details on how you can get this bonus storage, check out this page.


  Hall of Monuments Upgrades

Revel in your glory on a bigger and broader scale—your Hall of Monuments now includes both personal AND account-wide achievements. Also, we've improved the display and usability of the monuments themselves. Now when you relive your greatest accomplishments, whether personal or account, you can sort them into a more pleasing arrangement. It's our way of making the Hall of Monuments that much better. Enjoy!

Learn more about the Hall of Monuments!

  The Zaishen Menagerie

In a beautiful, lush new explorable area in the Battle Isles, the Zaishen Order runs a tight business breeding and training all the common and prestige pets from around the world for their clientele. There are a few ways you can start your own collection in the Menagerie. Bring any pet with you or your Heroes to the Tamer in the Menagerie Grounds. The Tamer will check your pet's evolution and unlock that tier and any lower tiers. Adding charmed pets to the Menagerie is absolutely free. You can also use Balthazar Faction or pay with Zaishen Coins and gold to have the Zaishen Order unlock and train evolutions of pets for you. This way, you've got several choices for unlocking all your pets.

Pet Unlock Pack

If you're looking for yet another possibility, you may purchase the new Pet Unlock Pack for $9.99 USD from the in-game store or the NCsoft Store, which will unlock all the common pets in the Menagerie.

Learn more about the Zaishen Menagerie!

  Character Makeover

This is huge! Never before could you completely redesign characters, unless you wanted to delete them. Now you have another option: remake your character at the Stylist. Anything you control when you make your character, you also control when you remake your character. The size of your body, color and style of your hair, your facial features, and even gender—it's all fair game.

What's more, you can mix and match features across ALL campaigns—something you could never do before, and something you can't do when you create a character from scratch. Drop by the Stylist anytime and play around with the customization options for a little preview of how you'll look. To actually change yourself, you'll need to purchase Makeover Credits from the In-Game Store or NCsoft Store. Pricing is as follows:

Makeover Pack: $9.99
Includes 5 Makeover Credits. Each credit lets you adjust body size, hair color, hair style, facial type, and skin color. Any character on your account can use a Makeover Credit.

Extreme Makeover: $9.99
Includes 1 Extreme Makeover Credit, which lets you change a character's gender. With the same credit, you can also adjust body size, hair color, hair style, facial type, and skin color. Any character on your account can use an Extreme Makeover Credit.

Learn more about makeovers!

  Zaishen Challenge Quests

Many are familiar with the Zaishen Challenge in the Battle Isles, and soon the Zaishen will extend their Challenge in the form of new quests. There will be three different types of Zaishen Challenge Quests: Mission, Bounty, and PvP.

  • Mission quests send you to replay storyline missions from each campaign.
  • Bounty quests dispatch you to kill boss monsters in dungeons, veteran missions, and explorable areas.
  • PvP quests challenge you to win battles in various PvP types.

Each day, a new quest of each type is available in the Great Temple of Balthazar. You can complete these Zaishen Challenge Quests any time you wish; however, you can only have three in your quest log at once. The most comprehensive strategy is to finish challenge quests the day you get them, so you free up space in your quest log for the next day's batch. Check back daily to take on the new Zaishen Challenge Quest experience, whether in relaxed solo runs or paired up with a friend or larger group for co-op play.

Learn more about Zaishen Challenge Quests!

  Rename Yourself

We thought it would be perfect timing to offer yet another option for character customization, so we implemented name changes. Though handled separately from the Stylist, renaming your character can be an important part of redesigning yourself. If you want a new name to go with your new look—or vice versa—you can have it. A name change is $14.99, available at the In-Game Store or the NCsoft Store.

Learn more about name changes!

  Rename Yourself

He's back! Nicholas has emerged from the Searing a bit grayer, a bit older, and still searching the land with ineffable, unstoppable purpose. After years of rambling the world, he took a new name to suit his new life: Nicholas the Traveler. He holds true to that name, still wandering about incessantly with his familiar dolyak, Professor Yakkington, visiting places near and far, exotic and mundane. What has he seen? What mysteries does his Gift of the Traveler contain? Find him, and you’ll find out!

Read the history of the Traveler!

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